Political Roundup for June 1, 2012

by: BostonPatriot
Romney: Mitt made a surprise appearance at Solyndra yesterday, as the failed solar panel plant becomes more of a focal point for his campaign (it was featured prominently in recent TV ads). Meanwhile, Romney supporters heckled David Axelrod during his press conference with the Mass Dems on the State House steps, which otherwise went about as you would have expected.Obama: Obama has sent out plenty of fundraising appeals, but there’s a different sense of urgency to this one, as the threat that conservative SuperPACs might outspend the President becomes more real. It doesn’t sound like the gay marriage announcement inspired small donors the way Obama hoped it would.

Massachusetts: Just hours after I posted it in last evening’s roundup, Stephen Lynch gave Elizabeth Warren the same advice I tried to: come clean on everything, like you should have a month ago. He said that watching Warren’s response has been like “water torture.”

Missouri: Steve Grand, Crossroads’ ad man, is a pretty creative guy, but “ObamaClaire gave us ObamaCare” is perhaps his greatest tagline yet. The 30-second spot is running statewide on a $516K buy.

Virginia: Tim Kaine outraised George Allen again, and used his cash edge to buy $2.5M in TV time for the fall. The candidates are about even in CoH now–but Allen hasn’t bought any air time yet.


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