Morning Political Roundup for May 9, 2012…Red Racing Horses

by: Ryan_in_SEPA

West Virginia: Speak of a disappointment… President Obama has lost several counties and at least one delegate to convicted felon Keith Russell Judd.  When was the last time a major political party had a convicted felon receive a convention delegate?

Rendell: Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, always someone whose never short on words, has told President Obama to “Man Up” on the gay marriage issue.   Kind of interesting for Obama to receive a lecture from Rendell on gay marriage as Rendell did nothing to push gay marriage or civil unions while he was Governor of Pennsylvania.

Gay Marriage: Barack Obama’s “evolving stance” on gay marriage might be based off polling of suburban voters.  Obama’s evolving on the issue seems to fit nicely with polling showing evolving among suburban voters.  The bigger question is whether having a mixed stance on the issue is a problem at all as most voters don’t seem to really be voting on the issue.

James Carville: This is an interesting wakeup call piece for Democrats from James Carville.  He seems to be worried by a number of Democrats who think they will win easily.  He actually sees a far more rough road ahead for the Democrats as they are failing to connect to voters.

Romney: In case you did not know, Mitt Romney is inching closer to the presidential nomination with wins in West Virginia, North Carolina, and Indiana last night.


Massachusetts: Senator Scott Brown is up with his first TV advertisement.  A positive ad focusing on him and playing up his biography.

Indiana: Here are some takeaways from the Politico over Dick Lugar’s primary loss last night.  I think their analysis focuses too much on Lugar’s ideological deviations and too little on his general dislike of his behavior.

More Indiana: The fight against Senator Lugar started a long time ago according to this National Journal piece.  As many know, the attempts to remove Lugar started in early 2011, but really gained steam when national groups got involved in the race and expanded the reach of the grassroots organizations wanting to challenge Lugar.

Incumbents: Other than Lugar, last night appears to have been a great night for incumbent members of Congress.  All the incumbents in Indiana, North Carolina, and West Virginia won renomination last night.

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