Morning Political Roundup for May 3, 2012…Red Racing Horses…

by: Right Reformer
Hello folks. Welcome to your morning roundup.

This is a week with a lot of news, though none of it particularly earth shattering.

Sort of like the middle chapter of a trilogy.

Presidential News:

Romney: Governor Romney pokes a little bit of fun at Obama’s new slogan “forward,” though I only give him credit for trying, not for actual humor. “Forward is his new slogan. Forward what? Over the cliff?!” Oh well, at least he’d be better on the economy, if not humor.

More Romney: A small inside-the-beltway controversy is emerging over whether gay foreign policy advisory Ric Grennell was forced out of the Romney campaign for being gay. Reports are that people inside the campaign were making Grennell’s job very difficult, but that official Romney higher ups were asking Grennell to stay. In any event, several misogynistic tweets from Grennell didn’t make him a sympathetic character.

Newt:  Speaker Gingrich finally dropped out of the presidential race yesterday. The camapign that once flamed out, then rose from the ashes, then flamed out again, is now over. Assuming Newt can pay off his debt, I think running for president was a net positive for Gingrich. More attention, more fame, more respect as a debater and intellectual presence in the GOP. On the other hand, expect to hear Newt’s words about the Ryan plan and Romney make their way into Democratic campaign ads.

More Newt: Newt did not formally endorse Romney in his withdrawal announcement, but spokesman R.C. Hammond says “it’s coming.’

Bachmann:  Representative Bachmann, who had previously made a few positive comments about Rick Santorum, is set to formally endorse Romney today. Not much risk anymore. Only a matter of time before th rest of the candidates get on board.

WI-Presidential Race: The same poll that’s discussed below, which was Walker ahead of Barrett by a point, also has Romney down to Obama by 9 points, 51-42. Walker is doing a great job, as these numbers demonstrate, separating his opponents from Obama himself….


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