Andrew Cuomo pushes back on Hillary Month with His ‘Historic’ term so far….

We hare have been doing Hillary stories for the two months along with others…..

I notice this morning that the Cuomo people have noticed the Hillary stuff…..

Through the New York Times it appears that the Andrew Cuomo people have got their man in the media….

This IS 2016 for the Democrats people…

Make NO mistake about it….

(From a guy who has been labeled arrogant more than once in the past)

And the Cuomo people want to use the word Historic?

How are you gonna use historic against an ex-First Lady, who was a Senator and is NOW the Secretary of State ?

Andrew Cuomo HAS had off the charts polling numbers for onver TWO AND HALF years and he’s only been Governor about 17 mouths….

That’s pretty damn good……

And even though he’s been going around the state with power points and running campaign style ads totting his accomplishments ….

And he’s the son a popular ex-New York Governor who could have run for President…..

He is NO Clinton……

On his fifth day in office, he challenged lawmakers to “write a new page in the history book of New York State government,” and his administration has done just that more than 80 times, judging by the number of press releases issued by his office that described one of the governor’s actions as historic.

Sometimes the accomplishments seemed destined for some history books, like the legalization ofsame-sex marriage. But the governor has called a loan program for energy-efficient home improvements historic, as well as the creation of a new application process for economic development grants. The establishment of a Medicaid spending commission? That was historic, too.

“There’s that word again,” one Albany reporter, Liz Benjamin of the YNN cable network, noted as she live-blogged a news conference last year. And a Democratic state senator, Rubén Díaz Sr. of the Bronx, mocked the construct as he complained that the governor had staged a signing of the state budget for the news media before the Legislature had finished voting on it last month.

“Can you imagine: this was history in the making to sign into Law a Budget that had not been approved by the legislature … only in New York,” Mr. Díaz wrote. (In his missive, Mr. Díaz reached for the history books himself, declaring, “The whole situation only reminds me of when Rome was controlled by emperors.”)

An eager student of history and of politics, Mr. Cuomo enjoys analyzing the political footwork of Albany power brokers present and past, and he frequently offers play-by-play commentary on his own administration — at news conferences, on speaking tours, and in radio interviews, video recordings and news releases.

On New Year’s Day, his office sent an e-mail to New Yorkers with the subject: “A Look Back at a Historic Year.” In a book his office produced touting his first year’s accomplishments, something was described as “historic” or history-making every other page — 21 times over 39 pages.

In appearances around the state, Mr. Cuomo has cued a PowerPoint slide with the proclamation, “A historic year.”



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2 thoughts on “Andrew Cuomo pushes back on Hillary Month with His ‘Historic’ term so far….”

  1. The curse of dynastic politics: if your dad or brother (or spouse) has tried to be President, you’ve got to try, too.

    For example,

    John Adams (VP 1789-1797; Pres. 1797-1801; defeated for reelection 1800), his son John Quincy Adams (Pres. 1825-29; defeated for reelection 1828) and John Q. Adams’ son Charles Francis Adams (Free Soil candidate for VP, 1848; Straight-Out Dem. nominee for VP, 1872)

    William Henry Harrison (Whig cand. for Pres. 1836, Pres. 1841) and his grandson Benjamin Harrison (Pres. 1889-93; defeated for reelection 1892)

    William Jennings Bryan (Dem. pres. candidate 1896, 1900 & 1908) and his brother Charles W. Bryan (Dem. VP cand. 1924)

    William Howard Taft (Pres. 1909-13; defeated for reelection 1912) and son Robert A. Taft (lost GOP Pres. nomination, 1940, 1948 & 1952)

    Woodrow Wilson (Pres. 1913-21) and his son-in-law William Gibbs McAdoo (lost 1920 & 1924 Dem. nominations for Pres.)

    Franklin D. Roosevelt (VP cand. 1920; Pres. 1933-45) and various sons (e.g. James Roosevelt)

    Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. (died in World War II), his brothers John F. Kennedy (ran for Dem. VP nomination 1956; Pres. 1961-63), Robert F. Kennedy (ran for Dem. nomination 1968) & Edward M. Kennedy (lost Dem. nomination 1980); his brother-in-law Sargent Shriver (ran for VP, 1972); and various nephews

    George Romney (declined race for GOP Pres. nomination 1964; lost GOP Pres. nomination 1968) and his son Willard “Mitt” Romney (lost GOP nomination for Pres. 2008; won GOP nomination. for Pres. 2012)

    George H. W. Bush (lost GOP nomination for Pres. 1980; VP 1981-89; Pres 1989-93; defeated 1992) and his sons George Walker Bush (Pres. 2001-09) and Jeb Bush (frequently mentioned as a possible Pres. cand.)

    Bill Clinton (Pres. 1993-2001) and his wife Hillary Clinton (lost Dem. Pres. nomination 2008)

    Mario Cuomo (near-candidate for President in several years) and son Andrew Cuomo

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