Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: John Raese defends Ted Nugent from the thought police

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Leading Off:• WV-Sen: Republican businessman John Raese appears to be determined to keep putting his foot further and further into his mouth until he’s metabolizing his own shinbone. The three-time Senate loser, now attempting to avenge his 2010 savaging by Democratic then-Gov. Joe Manchin, caught flak over the weekend for making the reasonable point that anti-smoking laws are really just like forcing Jews to wear the Star of David in Nazi Germany. Now he’s at it again, defending far-right rocker Ted Nugent over comments the Nuge made suggesting Republicans should “chop off [Democrats’] heads in November” and saying that if President Barack Obama is reelected, he intends to be either dead or in jail by next spring.

Raese went on to compare Nugent’s comment to a football coach using a figure of speech, adding that investigating Nugent is a means of “controlling the people.”If West Virginia basketball coach “Bob Huggins came in and told you that we are in a vicious game against Penn State and we’re gonna go right on that court and we’re gonna kill ’em, would the FBI want to investigate Bob Huggins? I don’t think so. That’s called a figure of speech. Controlling the people — remember that — controlling the people. Ted Nugent is a patriot. Ted Nugent is somebody that is firm in this country and when you see scenarios that break down like that scenario, it’s a concern, isn’t it? It’s a concern.”

Raese’s antics raise the prospect that Manchin might even manage to get reelected this year without having to shoot a Democratic agenda item with a rifle in a campaign ad. (SaoMagnifico)
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