Newt meets up with Romney…..

Interesting, eh?

I’d think Newt told him I KNOW you’re the nominee …

But I need this for MY own , since I’m done after this…..

Gingrich Held Secret Meeting with Romney

Newt Gingrich met secretly with Mitt Romney on Saturday but the former House speaker says he has made no deal to end his bid for the GOP nomination, the Washington Timesreports.

Gingrich “did not deny the meeting, but explicitly said he hasn’t been offered a position in a potential Romney administration in exchange for dropping out. Nor, he said, is there a deal to have Mr. Romney’s big donors help retire Mr. Gingrich’s campaign debt of more than $1 million.”

Said Gingrich: “There is no agreement of any kind, and I plan to go all the way to Tampa.”

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