US/NATO personnel are pulled from working with Afghan’s in Kabul…..

In reaction to the killing of two US Senior offices by a Afghan military soldier  US /NATO military staff have been ordered to withdraw from working within the Afghan Ministries….

The Koran burning protests have continued in the Kabul area and Us personnel now are in the position of not knowing who could end up shooting at them EVEN if 

they are considered ‘friendlies’…..

This is sobering and I’m sure had to be approved up the chain of command including the President….

The incident WAS a screw up by someone in the US military, No doubt….

The President has admitted so….

The demonstrations are religious based I’m sure…

But are also aimed at American personnel in GENERAL….

As I posted here at the Dog yesterday….

It IS time for the President to start moving US/NATO combat forces OUT of the country….

The remaining US/NATO military forces should be self contained Special Operators who work with Afghan military assets they can trust….

Yes the bad guys are getting what they want there…

The US and NATO to leave…

Yes let them have THEIR country back….

The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan on Saturday recalled all NATO personnel working in Afghan ministries in the Kabul area — a bold and potentially divisive response to an Afghan security official’s attack on Western soldiers in the country’s fortified Interior Ministry earlier in the day.

Marine Gen. John R. Allen’s directive caps a week of growing distrust between Afghans and their Western counterparts, five days after U.S. military personnel burned a pile of Korans at the largest military base in Afghanistan in an apparently inadvertent act that set off violent protests across the country.

More than 25 Afghans have been killed in those demonstrations, and four NATO soldiers have been killed by men wearing Afghan security uniforms since Thursday, when the Taliban urged Afghan soldiers and police to turn their weapons on Western military personnel.

The mounting tension here prompted apologies for the Koran burning from President Obama and several top U.S. defense officials. But demonstrations continued unabated Saturday, even before U.S. officials reported that an Afghan security officer had shot and killed an American colonel and major in the Interior Ministry’s command center meeting room.

Within hours of that attack, Allen recalled Western advisers from Afghan ministries, citing “obvious force protection reasons.” That decision will affect several hundred officials who work not only with the Afghan military, but also with a host of other government agencies, from education to agriculture.

7 thoughts on “US/NATO personnel are pulled from working with Afghan’s in Kabul…..”

  1. You still don’t seem to understand along with your fellow “hawks” a simple fact

    People don’t like another country invading their country EVEN with good intentions

    It NEVER works out

    We should hVe NEVER gone into Iraq

    We should NEVER have stayed in Afghanistan after running Osama out

    We should NOT get involved in Syria

    We should NOT get involved in Iran

    We should systematically begin withdrawing our troops all over the world

    We can no longer economically afford the hawks dreams!

      1. I said TWO years ago the US was giving it a try….
        I has NOT worked to the extend that ALL the US has done seems to be undone with stuff like this….
        I have COME to see that the country HAS to right itself…
        IF it wants to….

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