Nebraska Senate: Former Senator Bob Kerry (D) WON’T RUN to replace Nelson….Daniel….

GAME OVER for Senate Democrats in the Cornhusker State…that’s what we’re hearing this Morning….
POLITICO & ROLL CALL as well as various other News Outlets in Nebraska and D. C. reporting that Former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey (D-Nebraska) WON’T RUN for the Open Senate Seat Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) is vacating…
Kerrey was the only hope Senate Democrats have had in retaining this Seat. Now you can make a CHEK MARK on the Republican Candidate (whoever that will be) in November…
Daniel G.


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  1. Daniel G., I’m not surprised by this developing news and the Senate seat was GONE to the GOP anyways.

    I expect Republicans to pick-up between 6-7 US Senate seats in November.

  2. Very bad news for the Dems. Not sure why Kerrey was popular in NE, but he was

  3. Zreebs, I’m going to keep an eye on the Michigan Senate race up there to see if the GOPers can be motivated to pull off an upset over Stabenow and if that happens, it’s gonna be a LONG night for Democrats on November 6th–especially if Obama CHOKES to Romney (see the Pats choking in the SB twice).

  4. CD,

    There will be “Check and Balance” next year…I expect Obama to win Re-Election BUT Republicans retaining the House and winning the Senate…

  5. I looked at Kerry as a LONG shot….
    A former Navy SEAL with CMOH…and Half of a leg lost in combat…
    He’s found a home in NYC @ the New School…
    I didn’t see him coming back into the rough and tumble world of politics….
    Good For HIM!

  6. Hey Daniel….
    And Obama’s running against them….

  7. james,

    The only way to stop Legislation is THE SENATE…and the GOP will win the Senate this November..

  8. I think the GOP knows the 2012 election is HUGE for them and they badly need to win the presidency in order to run the entire show.

    I mean their only shot is if turnout is down among the Dem base in critical swing states with the likelihood of Indiana,Virginia, North Carolina (looking for a GOP sweep in statewide offices down there due to the Perdue scandals), Ohio and Florida flipping to the GOP nominee in November.

    I do see Republicans keeping the House and winning back the Senate, which means Mitch McConnell is going to be Majority Leader of the Senate.

  9. I think Rand Paul will be elected Senate Majority Leader over McConnell when the GOP caucus convenes to vote on the matter.

  10. True on the Senate…
    But we know Parties EVEN with Majorities don’t ALWAYS get their way, Right?
    Case in point ….
    The Payroll Tax House/Senate GOP caper!

  11. CD…..
    I think the GOP knows as Daniel indicated that their best bet is holding the House and getting the Senate…
    That’s it….

  12. Which isn’t all that bad james…

  13. Can’t me much worst than it is now Daniel…
    The senate won’t be so lock step…
    And I expect the GOP majority in the House to drop down a GOOD bit

  14. Yea Rand Paul for GOP Senate Majority Leader…..Yea Right?????

  15. James B, McConnell has been in the Senate since 1985 and he should have support from loyalists in the Senate GOP conference to make him Majority Leader. That would mean Lamar Alexander could be Majority Whip.

    Daniel G., Kentucky has a Democratic governor but the General Assembly is divided with GOP holding the KY Senate and Dems holding the KY House.

  16. CD…..agreed on McConnell….
    He, he, he…
    Cantor WON’T be happy though