Political Roundup for January 17, 2012…Red Racing Horses…..

by: James_Nola
PresidentRomney-Huntsman: Despite Huntsman’s endorsement of Romney, the two still aren’t friendly. When Huntsman called Romney to inform him of his decision, the convo lasted 5 minutes. Huntsman didn’t ask for help retiring his campaign debt, and, unlike with Pawlenty, Romney didn’t offer. Huntsman also did not ask Romney to hire any of his staffers.

Santorum: Santorum is out with an ad savaging Romney’s record. I really don’t get why him and Newt are going after Romney. Romney’s support is solid because there’s no where else for it to go. Santorum and Gingrich both have very fluid support, so they should be trying to pick up each others supports, as they draw from the same pool.

Paul: In addition to the support of rising star Sen. Tom Davis, Paul will announce the support of 3 more SC State Senators, but their names are not public yet?

Gingrich: Gingrich logic: Romney lost to McCain who lose to Obama. Therefore, Romney can’t beat Obama. Tell that one to Ronald Reagan. He’d get a chuckle out of it. Jimmy Carter probably would too.

Perry: SC State Senator Larry Grooms is pulling his support from Perry and asking him to drop out, in favor of unifying behind Paul, Santorum, or Gingrich. Kind of ironic.

Cain: The Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC is running ads in SC urging Republicans to vote for a true outsider…Herman Cain, whose name will appear on the ballot.

Iowa: And you thought we were done with Iowa? Nope. Byron York says its possible Romney lost Iowa: according to Santorum campaign officials, Santorum is currently up about 80 in the official, final count.

Florida: PPP has Romney taking a huge lead in Florida. Romney is at 41, Gingrich at 26, Santorum at 11, Paul at 10, and Perry at 4. This is similar to what other pollsters are finding.

National, Fox: Fox’s national poll shows Obama up 46-45 on Romney, with Romney winning independents 43-38, Obama up 51-37 on Gingrich, and 50-38 on Santorum. The same poll shows Romney leading the primary with 40%, followed by Santorum at 15, Gingrich at 14, and Paul at 13.

National, CNN: CNN shows Romney starting out with a lead over Obama, 48-47. Paul comes next closest, trailing 48-46. Santorum trails 51-45, and Gingrich trails 52-43.


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