NEW DES MOINES REGISTER IOWA POLL…Daniel….Romney, Paul, Santorum with a bullet!


Romney 24 %
Paul 22 %
Santorum 15 %
Gingrich 12 %
Perry 11 %
Bachmann 7 %

BUT here is a KEY CAVEAT and Twist….

If you look at the last TWO DAYS of Polling (29th & 30th of December or Thursday and Friday) IT’S:

Romney 24 %
Santorum 21 %
Paul 18 %

“But the four-day results don’t reflect just how quickly momentum is shifting in a race that has remained highly fluid for months. If the final two days of polling are considered separately, Santorum rises to second place, with 21 percent, pushing Paul to third, at 18 percent. Romney remains the same, at 24 percent.”

Pollster Ann Seltzer: “Momentum’s name is Rick Santorum,”

This thing is ANYONE’S Guess right now I think

PPP is in the Field right now…I wonder what they will find when they release their Final Iowa Poll tomorrow Night…

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White House 2011 in Pictures…

From the Washington Post….

More Here…..

White House 2011: The year in photos

Some of White House Photographer Pete Souza’s picks for best images of the year…..

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It’s 5:00PM in NYC and they’re ALREADY in Times Square!

They’re there Early to bring in the New Year at the Cross Roads of the World!….

Revelers showed up early to get a spot on the barricades in Times Square for the New Year's Eve celebration in Manhattan, NY Dec. 31, 2011.

Kevin Hagen/Kevin Hagen for the New York Dai

Revelers showed up early to get a spot on the barricades in Times Square for the New Year’s Eve celebration.

The countdown to the arrival of 2012 was at 1,020 minutes until midnight when Peter Lin settled into his Times Square spot to greet the new year.

“It’s my first time and I want to have a good view,” the patient San Francisco State college student said at 7 a.m. Saturday. “I didn’t want to be blocked by anybody.”

The 23-year-old Lin was among the incredibly early arrivals for the annual Midtown blowout, with guests coming to Manhattan from across the country and around the world — Taiwan, Australia, Japan and Germany.

Many sported 2012 glasses, 2012 Statue of Liberty-styled crowns and 2012 “Happy New Year” light-up hats. Some sat in lawn chairs, others on small stools.

Several said joining the crowd of 1 million in Times Square was something they had to do once in their lives.

“It’s on my bucket list,” said Kristianna Donovan, 19, who came down with a friend from Concord, N.H. “I’ve always wanted to do it.

“It’s such a fun atmosphere. The lights, the noise, the music. It’s something I’ll always remember.”

The live music included performances from tween heartthrob Justin Bieber and New Yorker Lady Gaga — who will also press the button sending the Waterfront Crystal ball down at 11:59 p.m.

The temperature at midnight was expected to hold at a balmy 44 degrees on a clear New York night — a full 15 degrees above the average Dec. 31 low temperature.


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The President Signs the Defense Appropriations Bill….

He says he isn’t too happy to do so….

But HAS gone ahead and signed it…

President Obama expressed misgivings about several provisions of a sweeping defense bill he signed into law Saturday, pledging that his administration will use broad discretion in interpreting the new legal requirements to ensure that U.S. citizens suspected of terrorism are not detained indefinitely by the military.

The $662 billion National Defense Authorization Act provides funding for 2012 at $27 billion less than Obama’s request and $43 billion less than Congress authorized in 2011.

Read the full text of Obama’s signing statement on the National Defense Authorization Act

The bill also contains several detainee provisions that civil liberties groups and human rights advocates have strongly opposed, arguing that they would allow the military greater authority to detain and interrogate U.S. citizens and non-citizens and deny them legal rights protected by the Constitution.

Obama had initially threatened to veto the legislation. In a signing statement released by the White House on Saturday, Obama said he still does not agree with everything contained in the legislation. But with military funding due to expire Monday, Obama said he signed the bill after Congress made last-minute revisions at the White House’s request before approving it two weeks ago.

In several cases, the president called those changes “minimally acceptable” and vowed to use discretion when applying the provisions.

“I have signed this bill despite having serious reservations with certain provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation, and prosecution of suspected terrorists,” Obama said. “I want to clarify that my Administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens. Indeed, I believe that doing so would break with our most important traditions and values as a Nation.”

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Rick Perry steps up his ground game in the final days before Iowa….

Reconizing that there could be a fight for THIRD place in the Iowa caucuses….

Texas Governor Rick Perry is going all out over this weekend before the first GOP event of the primary season…

TRENDING: Perry bets Iowa fortunes on robust ground game


Even as they grapple with mediocre poll numbers, a gaffe-prone candidate and internal staff feuding, Rick Perry’s advisers are confident that a top-three caucus finish is within reach on Tuesday.

The reason? Organization.

Aside from Iowa frontrunners Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, Perry is thought to be the only Republican candidate here with the kind of sophisticated ground game to pull off a much-needed comeback.

And with public and internal polling from various campaigns showing the fight for third place to be a fluid one between Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Perry, a robust organization can mean the difference between a ticket home and a ticket to New Hampshire.

There are 1,774 Republican caucus precincts around the state, 900 of which are combined and held at the same location.

As of Friday, the Texas governor had signed up 1,500 precinct leaders in Iowa, a source inside the Perry campaign told CNN.

The source requested anonymity because staffers are not authorized to reveal the information.

The Perry camp also has 470 out-of-state volunteers descending on Iowa this weekend (including Perry’s own family, which flew in on Friday).

The source said that by caucus night, “we will easily have over 2,000 Perry volunteers” fanning out across the state knocking on doors and speaking for Perry at their voting sites….


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Newt would consider Palin for His VP….

This is a man desperate for media attention is all I can say….

Gingrich Would Consider Palin for Veep

Newt Gingrich said he “would consider asking Sarah Palin to serve as his number two or in his Cabinet if he became president,” CBS News reports.

Said Gingrich: “She is certainly one of the people you would look at. I am a great admirer of hers and she was a remarkable reform governor of Alaska, she’s somebody who I think brings a great deal to the possibility of helping in government and that would be one of the possibilities.”


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U.S. exports record amount of refined fuels in 2011….

Another one of those you read that right….

The US has EXPORTED oil and other petroleum products in record amounts this year….

In have steadfastly mentioned here that the US of A has NO problem with supply and demand on oil and gasoline SUPPLIES…

I have also mentioned here recently that the US will in one way or another approve the Keystone Pipeline….

U.S. refineries exported a record amount of refined fuels in 2011 to markets in South America, Central America andEurope. It was one reason why Americans spent a record amount on gasoline this year: Supplies that might have helped lower prices here had been shipped abroad.

In 2007, U.S. exports of all kinds of fuel held steady throughout the year at 1.24 million to 1.25 million barrels a day, according to Energy Department statistics.

But by 2011, exports of diesel, gasoline and other products surged. In November and December, U.S. fuel exports averaged between 2.77 million and 2.89 million barrels a day, the highest ever.

Meanwhile, U.S. drivers paid an average of about $3.50 a gallon for gasoline during the year, also the highest ever.

On Friday, Californians were paying an average of $3.602 for a gallon of regular gasoline, 28.7 cents a gallon more than they have ever paid on a Dec. 30, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report. Nationally, the average cost for a gallon of regular Friday was $3.269, or 19.8 cents a gallon more than ever on a Dec. 30.

The trend was predicted as early as January, when two analysts with the Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration delivered a presentation to the 2011 Argus Americas Crude Summit in Houston…..


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Rick Santorum gets his moment in the spotlight…A bit too late….

As the media ou’s and ah’s about the rise and possible nomination grab of Mitt Romney …….

The REAL Conservative Rick Santorum begins to get his attention…..

Conservative Republicans have flirted with Perry, Cain and Gingrich but found them wanting….

It’s now Santorum’s turn…..

Santourm has little money and no organization to speak of….

But still….

With Ron Paul actually riding on more Indies and Democrats in Iowa to supply his votes ……

The spot light turns to ex-Senator from Pennsylvania….

A bit late….

And he CAN smile….

In politics as in life, timing is everything. And if the former senator from Pennsylvania is finally having his moment, it couldn’t have come at a better one.

Why is Santorum suddenly catching on? As any candidate would, he credits his message. He also has benefited from sheer doggedness and the fact that so many of his rivals have stumbled. For many conservative voters looking for an alternative to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, the presumed front-runner, Santorum is who is left.

“We always felt that we were going to have to go out and make the case, that we weren’t going to have the money. We weren’t going to get the coverage. We weren’t going to get the attention at the debates,” he said.

No one has worked harder at making his case. Santorum has been all but living in his strategist Chuck Laudner’s Ram truck, which they have begun calling the “chuck wagon” because they eat there so much.

One candidate after another has burst into the spotlight this year, only to have it reveal their flaws. Now, as Iowa voters reach the eve of the first presidential contest, they are starting to take a look at a candidate who has been in the background all along.

“He’s the all-around man I’ve really been wanting to see,” said Tom Weig, who with his wife, Karen, had driven three hours from their home in Graettinger to drop off a $50 check at Santorum’s office. “We’ve been watching the debates for quite a while. The last debate really made my mind up. He’s always had to fight to get any attention.”

Not any more. The latest polls suggest that Santorum has an excellent shot at coming in with at least a third-place finish in Tuesday’s caucuses — a prospect that would have seemed laughable just a few weeks ago…..


Washington Post Photo….

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Ben Nelson and the Democrats holding the Senate…Larry Sabato

I have a running back and forth with my friend Daniel here on the Senate after January 1, 2013…

I maintain that I expect the Democrats to keep their majority even if it’s just by one seat…

He doesn’t think so…

I happy to say that I may have Larry Sabato on my side …..

The underlying and near-absolute requirement for Democratic retention of the Senate is that President Obama recovers and wins fairly handily. Even that doesn’t help in North Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri and Montana, where Obama will do poorly and where Democrats are trying to hold seats. Another consequence of the age of polarization means more straight-ticket voting. Of course, such a trend cuts both ways and is bound to help Democratic candidates Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Shelley Berkley in Massachusetts and Nevada, respectively.

The range of possible Senate results heading into 2012 appears to be a skin-of-the-teeth Democratic majority (50-51 seats) to a flip of about 53-47 GOP control. Naturally, strong partisans disagree with us. Democratic leaders insist they won’t lose any seats, while private Republican estimates are that the GOP could have 56-57 Senate seats next November. Currently, we believe both parties are too optimistic.

– Larry J. Sabato

For the whole piece here…..

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President Obama’s early campaign focus….Run AGAINST Congress….No…The GOP House….

I sit down this morning….

The last day of 2011 and both the NY Times and Washington Post and LA Times are leading with same story….

President Obama will start the new year trying to amplify last week  victory over the Republican IN THE HOUSE….

Lets face it….

Since November 2010 when the GOP achieved a solid majority in the House President Obama and the Democrats have gotten rolled regularity…..

Even time the Democrats settled on something…

The House GOP newbie block would lead the rest of the place to standing on the Presidents  political toes until he caved….

It WAS terrible for Democrats and the rest the country to watch….

Republicans led by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor , not Speaker John Boehner would ALWAYS vacillate between doing nothing…

Then Rooster walking the theme that WE run this damn place NOT the party elders and moderates and definitely NOT the Democratic President…

All of that went on as the nations economy tried to right itself and more importantly the nations private sector started to hire and the nations

State and Local governments continued to fire people….

While the GOP House negated to see that….

The President started talking about jobs…..

About try to get people BACK to Work….

Now the average Joe or Jane really don’t give a tinkers damn about balanced budgets and deficits…..

They want to work…..

So the last few weeks the President found himself in a position he hasn’t be for a while….

He was fighting the 60 or so GOP newbie House members on an extension in the Jobless benefits…..

A continuation of the Payroll Tax extension and a extension of the Medicare Doctor payments extension…..

ALL things that AMERICAN’s and the media could understand that they WANTED…..

FUCK the Tea Party principal shit…..

The Republican moderates and old timers where with the President and Democrats….

They could smell an bad place to be from a mile away…

The newbie Conservative House members where blind (In fact they are STILL pissed)

So the GOP Speaker of the House agreed with the Democrats and accepted the deal on those three things and the bill they where in

ONLY to be kneecaped by his own newbie group who in the end found a President (Coached by Harry Reid) who had the Senate GOPer’s behind him ….

‘No Deal’ was the speech the President gave last week…..

‘No Deal’ was the speech Mitch McConnell the GOP Senate Minority Leader gave….

The House gave in…..

The Republicans will now have to vote on the SAME Bill AGAIN in 60 days with vastly different playing field before them for the near future….

As soon as Mitt Romney wins the Republican nomination the White House will pivot to aim at him and probably tie him to the right leans he has had to make to get the GOP nomination…

But for now…

The President will be laying the foundation for his fight with the House GOP newbie’s in 60 days…..

Mr. Obama’s election-year strategy is an attempt to capitalize on his recent victory on a short-term extension of the payroll tax cut and on his rising poll numbers. As the stage is set for the general election in November, he intends to hammer the theme of economic justice for ordinary Americans rather than continue battling with Congressional Republicans, said the official, Joshua R. Earnest, the deputy press secretary, previewing the White House’s strategy.

“In terms of the president’s relationship with Congress in 2012,” Mr. Earnest said at a briefing, “the president is no longer tied to Washington, D.C.” Winning a full-year extension of the cut in payroll taxes is the last “must-do” piece of legislation for the White House, he said.

However the White House chooses to frame Mr. Obama’s strategy, it amounts to a wholesale makeover of the young senator who won in 2008 by promising to change the culture of Washington, rise above the partisan fray and seek compromises.

Now, after three years in office, Mr. Obama is settling on a go-it-alone approach. In the coming weeks, Mr. Earnest said, Mr. Obama will step up his efforts to showcase unilateral measures he is taking to revive the economy, though he declined to give details.

Mr. Obama has used his executive authority in recent weeks to provide job training for returning military veterans and help students pay back theirstudent loans. Further underscoring the jobs theme, Mr. Obama plans to return to the road, starting with a trip to Cleveland in early January to speak about the economy.

The White House laid out the election-year strategy here in Hawaii, where Mr. Obama is vacationing, just as attention turns to the Republican caucuses in Iowa.

The message, though, is one the White House has been refining since July, when Mr. Obama’s attempts to forge a “grand bargain” with the House Republicans on fiscal policy collapsed and he reverted to a populist, anti-Congress strategy.

More from the NY Times……

After taking his lumps during the summer’s bitter debt-ceiling debacle, Obama switched tactics, eschewing an “inside game,” based on direct negotiations with Capitol Hill Republicans, for an “outside game,” focused on harnessing public opinion. It culminated two weeks ago when House Speaker John A. Boehner (Ohio) gave in under enormous public pressure and agreed to an Obama-backed, two-month extension of the payroll tax cut.

Administration aides believe Obama emerged from the showdown with public consensus that he, not Congress, is more willing to rise above Washington’s partisan gridlock. And as he enters his reelection campaign year, Obama intends to “double down” on his outside strategy, pressing the message that he is fighting for the middle class against a Congress beholden to special interests, administration aides said.

Obama will resume his nationwide jobs tour with an appearance in Cleveland on Wednesday, and his State of the Union address on Jan. 24 will echo the populist themes the president laid out in a speech in Osawatomie, Kan., in early December.

“In terms of the president’s relationship with Congress in 2012 . . . the president is no longer tied to Washington,” deputy press secretary Josh Earnest said.

White House aides believe that without being forced to engage Congress in regular partisan brinksmanship — “putting out fires,” as Earnest described it — Obama will have a “larger playing field” to articulate a broader agenda for the nation as he heads into the election. The administration views the looming February fight over how to pay for extending the payroll tax cut through the end of 2012 as the final “must-do” item, and the last potential “cliff-hanger” legislation on Obama’s domestic jobs agenda.

More from the Washington Post…

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The Next GOP Debate will be Saturday January 7, 2012…..

This should be interesting since the Iowa Caucuses will have been over for four days and the New  Hampshire

Primary will be 3 days after the debate…..

Mitt Romney will be the target I’d image…..

Below from 2012PresidentialElection news…..

January 7, 2012 9pm ET on ABC
Location: NH
Sponsor: ABC News and WMUR
Participants: TBD
New Hampshire Primary: ABC News and WMUR to Hold Only Primetime Broadcast Network Debate


ABC’s Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos to Moderate Debate from Saint Anselm College with WMUR Anchor Josh McElveen

Debate to Air in Primetime at 9:00 PM/ET on the ABC Television Network

Excerpted Debate to Re-Air the Following Morning on “This Week” [ Christiane Amanpour left the show Last week]*

ABC News and WMUR-TV, ABC’s Hearst-owned affiliate in Manchester, NH, are joining forces once again to host a Republican presidential candidate debate in New Hampshire just days before the Granite State’s first in the nation primary — a critical moment in the Republican nomination process. It will be the only broadcast network debate in primetime before the primary and will take place on the Saturday night preceding the primary from 9:00-11:00pm/ET. The debate will air live nationally on the ABC Television Network and locally on WMUR-TV and will be moderated by ABC’s Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos; they will be joined by WMUR-TV anchor Josh McElveen.

The debate will stream live on, Yahoo!, and ABC News Radio, the nation’s largest commercial radio news organization, will carry it live on its stations. ABC News will re-air an excerpted version of the debate the following Sunday morning on “This Week with Christiane Amanpour.”

More above here….

 * Update by the Dog….
Photo from the ABC Iowa Debate…
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2012 Daily Polling for December 30, 2011…..

These Polls from RealClearPolitics…..

Friday, December 30
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
Iowa Republican Presidential Caucus NBC News/Marist Romney 23, Paul 21, Santorum 15, Gingrich 13, Perry 14, Bachmann 6, Huntsman 2, Cain Romney +2
2012 Republican Presidential Nomination Gallup Tracking Gingrich 24, Romney 26, Paul 11, Perry 7, Bachmann 5, Santorum 5, Huntsman 2, Cain Romney +2
President Obama Job Approval Gallup Approve 43, Disapprove 48 Disapprove +5
President Obama Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 44, Disapprove 54 Disapprove +10


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Verizon Wirless quickly drops $2 payment fee idea…..

A bit of an uproar occurred when VerizonWireless announced that they where going to start charging its customers

$2 to pay their bills on-line or by phone starting January 15th….

Well 24 hours or later they have changed directions announcing they’ll NOT being collecting the fee….

Customers where mad…

And there appeared to be a thing about the fee NOT being legally announced…

Verizon Wireless on Friday backed down on a decision to charge a $2 “convenience fee” for one-time online and phone bill payments.

The reversal came just a day after the company announced the fee, which had prompted a fierce backlash by outraged customers.

The charge had also raised eyebrows at the Federal Communications Commission, which had said it was looking into the matter.

The company’s about-face followed a similar retreat by Bank of America, which dumped a debit card fee this fall in the face of public pressure.

On its website, Verizon said it had decided to scrap the fee in response to “customer feedback.”

“Based on their input, we believe the best path forward is to encourage customers to take advantage of the best and most efficient options, eliminating the need to institute the fee at this time,” Verizon Wireless president and CEO Dan Mead said in a statement.


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Snooki: Little Red Leatherette….

From Jezebel….

Snooki: Little Red Corvette Leatherette

[New York, December 29. Images via Pacific Coast News Online.]


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Afternoon Political Roundup for December 30th, 2011…Red Racing Horses….

by: Imperial
I may have gone overboard on the presidential campaign stories in the afternoon roundup, but Iowa is only five days away…


Gingrich: Newt Gingrich teared up while discussing his mother at a forum in Iowa moderated by Frank Luntz.

More Gingrich: 45% of all political ads in Iowa have targeted Newt Gingrich, which does much to explain his decline in the polls there. In other states and nationally, his numbers remain strong. The study also finds Paul to have faced no negative attack ads in the state; his airtime has been solely positive.

Florida: One of those states is Florida. A TelOpinion Research poll Romney narrowly leads Gingrich in the Sunshine State 27% to 26%. The rest of the field hangs far back: Paul is in third with 5%, Perry and Bachmann are at 4%, and Huntsman and Santorum tie at 1%.

National Primary: The latest Gallup tracking poll finds Romney leading Gingrich 27% to 23%. Paul is in third with 11%, Perry 8%, and Bachmann 5%.

Iowa: We Ask America releases one last tracking poll in Iowa. They find Romney as the frontrunner with 24%, Santorum surging past Paul with 17%, Paul at 14%, Gingrich 13%, Bachmann 12%, Perry 10% and Huntsman 4%. One caveat- the poll is of likely Republican caucus-goers. Paul’s campaign in particular relies on Democrats and independents to bolster its strength (as PPP has found in its polls), so one big question in this caucus is if Paul can turn out these untraditional constituencies. Still, 14% is lower than other polls for Paul even among Republicans.

Upcoming Polls: Taegan Goddard reminds us of upcoming polls; the Des Moines Register releases its new Iowa numbers Saturday night, PPP likely late Sunday night, and Suffolk University will begin tracking New Hampshire starting Sunday.

More Iowa: The Fix makes its predictions for Iowa. Romney is their frontrunner, Paul could win, and Santorum is surging but expected to fall short of top two.

Huntsman: A Super PAC, Our Destiny PAC, is going on the air for Huntsman in New Hampshire. It is putting up $300,000 for an ad that attacks Romney as a ‘chameleon for the week before the primary.

Obama: If you missed Obama campaign manager Jim Messina’s fundraising pitch describing multiple paths to victory for Obama, it is in the link.

More Obama: The Obama campaign has its own efforts in Iowa, although the campaign isn’t spending any real effort on it. Mostly teams of volunteers are beginning to recruit people back to the campaign operation.

Occupy: So the Occupy movement in Iowa has decided to target various presidential campaigns and political operations: the state Democratic Party, Romney, and Paul so far. Several have been arrested.

Paul: An interesting look from Reason editor in chief Matt Welch at some of the long-term implications of Paul’s bid. He also describes a potential path for Paul to the nomination, but those generally rely on surviving a brokered convention- something that I just don’t see happening.

Kelly Clarkson: Some of her fans took to Twitter to protest her endorsement of Rep. Ron Paul. Paulistas, encouraged by her endorsement, seem to have bought her cd ‘Stronger” in mass to show their support, its sales surging 192% on Amazon. Personally, I have never understood why people care about the political endorsements of actors and singers.

More Paul: Ron Paul is spending New Year’s Day in Texas. Seems like a bad idea when you are in a nail-biter in a critical state, but to each their own.

More Paul: A new Paul Super PAC formed days ago, Endorse Liberty, has spent $207,000 on web advertising for Paul, explaining how to support the candidate in Iowa and other states.

Johnson: When asked, recent Libertarian convert Gary Johnson encouraged his supporters to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. All of Johnson’s New Hampshire staff recently supported Ron Paul as a group in a statement for the primaries.

Last Paul: Jesse Ventura has officially endorsed Ron Paul. I guess this helps with independents, but Ventura is an avowed 9/11 truther.

Santorum: Santorum earns his first real attacks, Perry attacking him as a frequent earmarker in the Senate.

More Santorum: Can Rick Santorum win? A column in Time argues that social conservatives are too divided in Iowa this time around and that Santorum is not as compelling an evangelical in demeanor as Mike Huckabee was in 2008 to rally the constituency. Further, if he does come out of Iowa in a strong position he has no further campaign operation to build off of- he only has small offices in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

More Santorum: Erick Erickson takes a look at Universal Health Services, a company investigated by the Department of Justice for which Santorum sat on the board of directors until July.

Last Santorum: Santorum wants it to be 1980- Obama as Jimmy Carter, Romney as the elder Bush, and himself as Reagan.

Romney: A look in the Atlantic at Romney’s dominant position in the nominating process.

More Romney: A Romney son made a birther joke at an event in Concord.


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The Democrats and Labor are at odds on choice to run against Wisconsin Gov. Walker in the recall election….

While the headlines in the media has been about the collection of signatures to qualify for the recall election to go ahead against Wisconsin GOP Governor 

Scott Walker ……

A quiet battle is running on who Democrats and Labor will choose to represent them in the recall….

In this Illinois Brandon Highlight we get to look at the situation …….

Tom Barrett Photo…

The gambit by two large Wisconsin unions to force Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett out of a possible recall election appears to have backfired.

Two sources close to the Democratic mayor said this week that Barrett now is “seriously considering” running in a potential recall election of Gov. Scott Walker and will make an announcement in early January.

Both sources emphasized that Barrett has not yet made a final decision.

But nearly everything else they said suggested the mayor will seek a rematch with Walker.

The pair of Barrett sources said he might jump in even if the leaders of the Wisconsin Education Association Counciland the Wisconsin State Employees Union put up another Democratic candidate. The unions are said to be supporting former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk.

“We don’t want a primary, but we’re not intimidated by it,” said one of the sources close to Barrett. “Tom’s decision will not be influenced by that. He’s not running to be governor of WEAC or AFSCME.”

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