2014 Gubernatorial and Senatorial Predictions…SE….

Here’s how I think the 2014 races will go down.

Gubernatorial races:

AL-GOV: Robert Bentley(R) 52-48 over Jim Folsom Jr(D). GOP HOLD

AK-GOV: Sean Parnell(R) 61-39 over Diane Benson(D). GOP HOLD.

AZ-GOV: Ken Bennett(R) 58-42 over Felicia Rotellini(D). GOP HOLD.

AR-GOV: Mark Darr(R) 55-45 over Mike Ross(D). GOP GAIN.

CA-GOV: Tom McClintock(R) 49-46 over John Garamendi(D). GOP GAIN.

CO-GOV: John Suthers(R) 50-47 over John Hickenlooper(D). GOP GAIN

CT-GOV: Tom Foley(R) 51-47 over Dan Malloy(D). GOP GAIN.

FL-GOV: Rick Scott(R) 54-46 over Rod Smith(D). GOP HOLD.

GA-GOV: Eric Johnson(R) 53-44 over DuBose Porter(D). GOP HOLD.

HI-GOV: Brian Schatz(D) 60-40 over Charles Djou(R). DEM HOLD.

ID-GOV: Lawrence Wadsen(R) 65-35 over Larry Grant(D). GOP HOLD.

IL-GOV: Lisa Madigan(D) 63-37 over Andy McKenna(R). DEM HOLD

IA-GOV: Bill Northey(R) 55-45 over Dave Loebsack(D). GOP HOLD.

KS-GOV: Mark Parkinson(D) 52-48 over Sam Brownback(R). DEM GAIN.

ME-GOV: Paul LePage(R) 51-46 over Eliot Cutler(D). GOP HOLD.

MD-GOV: Peter Franchot(D) 59-40 over Charles Lollar(R). DEM HOLD.

MA-GOV: Tim Murray(D) 58-42 over Christy Mihos(R). DEM HOLD.

MI-GOV: Rick Snyder(R) 56-44 over Gary Peters(D). GOP HOLD.

MN-GOV: Michele Bachmann(R) 49-47 over Mark Dayton(D). GOP GAIN.

NE-GOV: Rick Sheehy(R) 57-43 over Jim Suttle(D). GOP HOLD.

NV-GOV: Brian Sandoval(R) 55-43 over Ross Miller(D). GOP HOLD.

NM-GOV: Susana Martinez(R) 57-42 over Marty Chavez(D). GOP HOLD.

NY-GOV: Andrew Cuomo(D) 65-34 over Bruce Blakeman(R). DEM HOLD.

OH-GOV: John Kasich(R) 52-46 over Betty Sutton(D). GOP HOLD.

OK-GOV: Mary Fallin(R) 55-45 over Drew Edmonson(D). GOP HOLD.

OR-GOV: John Kitzhaber(D) 52-47 over Bill Sizemore(R). DEM HOLD.

PA-GOV: Tom Corbett(R) 54-46 over Jack Wagner(D). GOP HOLD.

RI-GOV: Lincoln Chaffee(I/D) 54-44 over Scott Avedisian(R). INDY DEM HOLD.

SC-GOV: Nikki Haley(R) 52-48 over Robert Ford(D). GOP HOLD.

SD-GOV: Dennis Daugaard(R) 53-47 over Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin(D). GOP HOLD.

TN-GOV: Bill Haslam(R) 64-36 over Lincoln Davis(D). GOP HOLD.

TX-GOV: David Dewhurst(R) 53-45 over John Sharp(D). GOP HOLD.

WI-GOV: Scott Walker(R) 51-49 over Dave Obey(D). GOP HOLD.

WY-GOV: Matt Mead(R) 62-38 over Gary Trauner(D). GOP HOLD.

Senatorial races:

AL-SEN: Jeff Sessions(R) 56-44 over Artur Davis(D). GOP HOLD.

AK-SEN: Mead Treadwell(R) 53-46 over Mark Begich(D). GOP GAIN.

AR-SEN: Tim Griffin(R) 53-47 over Mark Pryor(D). GOP GAIN.

CO-SEN: Mark Udall(D) 55-45 over Tom Tancredo(R). DEM HOLD.

DE-SEN: Chris Coons(D) 57-43 over Glen Urquhart. DEM HOLD.

GA-SEN: Phil Gingrey(R) 57-41 over Rand Knight(D). GOP HOLD.

ID-SEN: Jim Risch(R) runs unopposed. GOP HOLD.

IL-SEN: Dick Durbin(D) 61-37 over Robert Dold(R). DEM HOLD.

IA-SEN: Steve King(R) 52-48 over Tom Harkin(D). GOP GAIN.

KS-SEN: Mike Pompeo(R) 63-37 over Stephen Six(D). GOP HOLD.

KY-SEN: Ben Chandler(D) 51-48 over Mitch McConnell(R). DEM GAIN.

LA-SEN: Jeff Landry(R) 55-44 over Mary Landrieu(D). GOP GAIN.

ME-SEN: Susan Collins(R) runs unopposed. GOP HOLD.

MA-SEN: John Kerry(D) over Sean Bielat(R) 61-38. DEM HOLD.

MI-SEN: Justin Amash(R) 52-46 over Andy Dillon(D). GOP GAIN.

MN-SEN: John Kline 53-45 over Al Franken(D). GOP GAIN.

MS-SEN: Gregg Harper(R) 65-33 over Erik Fleming(D). GOP HOLD.

MT-SEN: Neil Livingstone(R) 49-48 over Max Baucus(D). GOP GAIN.

NE-SEN: Mike Johanns(R) 74-26 over Tony Raimundo(D). GOP HOLD.

NH-SEN: Frank Guinta(R) 51-47 over Jeanne Shaheen(D). GOP GAIN.

NJ-SEN: Steve Rothman(D) 58-42 over Steve Lonegan(R). DEM HOLD.

NM-SEN: John Sanchez(R) 53-46 over Tom Udall(D). GOP GAIN.

NC-SEN: Renee Ellmers 54-46 over Kay Hagan(D). GOP GAIN.

OK-SEN: James Lankford(R) 71-29 over Kenneth Corn(D). GOP HOLD.

OR-SEN: Jeff Merkley(D) 53-47 over Chris Dudley(R). DEM HOLD.

RI-SEN: Jack Reed 68-32 over Bob Tingle(R). DEM HOLD.

SC-SEN: Jeff Duncan(R) 69-31 over Michael Cone(D). GOP HOLD.

SD-SEN: Kristi Noem(R) 52-47 over Tim Johnson(R). GOP GAIN.

TN-SEN: Zack Wamp(R) 69-31 over Mike McWherter(D). GOP HOLD.

TX-SEN: John Cornyn(R) 59-41 over Henry Cuellar(D). GOP HOLD.

VA-SEN: Mark Warner(D) 61-39 over Bob Marshall(R). DEM HOLD.

WV-SEN: Shelley Moore-Capito(R) 55-45 over John Perdue(D). GOP GAIN.

WY-SEN: Cynthia Lummis(R) 64-36 over Keith Goodenough(D). GOP HOLD.

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5 thoughts on “2014 Gubernatorial and Senatorial Predictions…SE….”

  1. Gov. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island can’t be classified as an independent Democrat, at least yet.

    His staff and cabinet, like his 2010 campaign, are quite mixed, with several Republicans, and his budget isn’t necessarily a Democratic budget.

    Everyone in Rhode Island considers him an independent.

  2. entertaining – especially since SE put so much time into this. not only did he predict who would win in 2014, but he also predicted the margin of victory.

  3. Self described Independents in the House and Senate usually wind up caucusing with one of the major parties. In fact it’s almost a necessity

    But Governors who do not belong to either party do not have to worry about such procedural associations and therefore are allowed to be more truly independent of the two party system.

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