Michele Bachmann throws at Perry’s Social Security comments….

Rick Perry now has his monkey on his back….

He’s had a good 3 week roll out…

A great poll ‘bounce’…..

His stance on Social Security may turn out to be a GIANT Speed Break…

Michele Bachmann has jumped on Perry’s anti-Social Security comments which could unhindge his senior support in the polls and any GOP primary….

Mrs Bachmann is hoping she can climb back into the running with her ‘throws‘at Perry….

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Iowa) believes Social Security, while troubled, needs to be retained for current beneficiaries and future generations.

The presidential candidate said Friday that while the program is “in trouble,” the federal government has made a commitment to senior citizens that it must keep.

“The United States made a decision 80 years ago about retirement for senior citizens,” she told Radio Iowa in an interview. “We have Social Security and we need to work within that system.”


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