The cult of ‘bipartisanship’…..

by kos @Dailky Kos….

Boehner and Obama

Working together? Nobody (outside of DC punditry) gives a shit. (Yuri Gripas/Reuters)

Frank Rich:

Only when the tea-party cabal in the House took Washington hostage did it fully dawn on the Beltway gentry that the country was in danger. But even now, Obama keeps being urged to make nice with the rebels so that he can woo independents, who, we’re constantly told, value bipartisanship every bit as much as the pundits do. The “all-important independent voters,” as the “Lexington” columnist at The Economist recycled the conventional wisdom earlier this month, “are said to be looking for a president who defuses partisan tensions, rather than inflaming them.” Said by whom? Mainly other Washington bloviators.Obama, after all, is exactly that president. For the good deed of trying to defuse partisan tensions, he has been punished with massive desertions by the very independents who are supposed to love his pacifism. In the last Wall Street Journal–NBC News poll, his support among them had fallen by half since he took office, from 52 percent to 26 percent. Perhaps that’s because these independents, who represent roughly 36 percent of voters, are not the monochromatic ideological eunuchs they’re purported to be. One polling organization that regularly examines them in depth, Pew, has found that nearly half of independents are in fact either faithful Democrats (21 percent) or Republicans (26 percent) who simply don’t want to call themselves Democrats and Republicans. (Can you blame them?) Another 20 percent are “doubting Democrats” and another 16 percent are “disaffected” voters, respectively anti-business and anti-government, angry and populist rather than mildly centrist. The remaining 17 percent are what Pew calls “disengaged”—young and uneducated Americans, four fifths of whom don’t vote anyway. There’s nothing about the makeup of any segment of these “all-important independent voters” that suggests bipartisan civility has anything whatsoever to do with winning their support.

Yeah, the numbers don’t lie. There is no such thing as a bipartisan-fetishizing “independent” voter. That creature does not exist outside the fantasies of Broderite-DC pundits.

Now after three years of trying to be play nice against a “hold-no-prisoners” GOP, what is the Democrats’ reward? Gallup:

Americans see the Republican Party as better able than the Democratic Party to protect the country from terrorism and military threats, and to keep the country prosperous over the next few years […]At this point, Republicans, who currently control the House but not the presidency or the Senate, appear to be at least slightly better positioned going into the elections, given Americans’ preference for the GOP to handle the nation’s domestic and international woes.

Democrats held the advantage over the Republican Party on the “prosperous” dimension from 2003 through 2009, a period that included the majority of George W. Bush’s presidency and the first year of Barack Obama’s. The advantage switched to the GOP last year and remains so this year, by 48% to 39%.

If voters were that enamored with “bipartisanship” and “comity” and all that other shit that makes DC columnists swoon, those same voters would be punishing the GOP for their intransigence. But they are not.

Democrats should give it a shot.GOP/Re

The data is clear: People want politicians who are passionate about their beliefs. They don’t give a rat’s ass about process or bipartisanship or how well politicians work together. They want politicians who look like they’re fighting for something.

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Nike Total Air Foamposite Max ‘Metallic Silver’….

From Nicekicks….

Release Reminder: Nike Total Air Foamposite Max “Metallic Silver”

Back when Timmy D. was a dynamic, incredibly athletic and fun-to-watch hooper, he wore some incredible Foamposite kicks. Okay, not all of that sentence is completely true (mostly the part about Tim Duncan’s fun factor), but his Total Air Foamposite Maxes were, and still are, amazing. Brought back after years …


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Could Obama clear $55 Million for the 3rd Quarter in fundraising?…..

Perry maybe $20 Mil?…..

Romney maybe $15 Mil?….

Obama maybe $55 Mil?….

Why are people writing stories about Obama NOT being able to fundraise?

The guy raised more money than the ENTIRE GOP Field!

That sure seems like a guy who’s surely gonna lose next November, right?

Are they on drugs?

President Obama speaks at a Democratic fundraiser. | AP Photo


The Obama campaign is likely to beat its $55 million target for combined third-quarter contributions to joint party and presidential committees — but likely to lag behind its record-breaking second-quarter haul, according to Democrats involved in the effort.

Campaign manager Jim Messina told a meeting of Democratic donors in Chicago earlier this month that Obama was aiming for the $55 million benchmark. But even Obama’s critics think it will be more. After all, campaign officials were predicting $60 million in the days before Obama’s team announced a combined $85 million second-quarter take in July.


Photo AP

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Huckabee knows Nothing of a run!….

Well that one didn’t last too long, eh?

Not even 12 hours….

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) is not getting into the race for the Republican presidential nomination, Huckabee said on television and a source close to him told The Hill.

A report that Huckabee was reconsidering his 2012 plans startled the political world Friday, but was immediately shot down.

“It’s news to me that I’m sitting down plotting my comeback,” Huckabee said Friday on Fox News.

A senior official with HuckPAC confirmed that the rumors had no truth….


Photo Source…

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Stop blaming the ‘Baby Boomers’ for Everything will ya?

There is one glaring problem with this….

For the last 4o years ‘baby boomer’s have carried the fucking load for this country….

The have worked hard…

Paid their Payroll taxes….

Their mortgages….

Raised their children…

Got and paid Student Loans…

Paid Social Security….

Paid FHA loans…

Paid for Medicare and Medicaid…

While the rich paid Less per dollar…

And some companies have paid NOTHING….

Screw these guys!

Let’m donate THEIR Government retirement benefits….

Really people….

I’m getting tired of people blaming us for their inablity to keep within THEIR means….

We ALL works our asses of and along come these Tea Party rightwingnuts who want to steal what’s been paid for from us for 40 years! 

Did the Baby Boomers Break Government?

CNN: “Could it be that the reason our government is broken is because of which generation is running things?”

“Authors Morley Winograd and Michael Hais think so, insisting that the problem is that power is now firmly in the hands of self-righteous baby boomers who have spent their entire lives convinced that anyone who disagrees with them is morally inferior. Boomers won’t negotiate anything, Winograd and Hais say, because they think every position they hold is rooted in something no less sacred than their values, and they’re understandably reluctant to negotiate their values.”

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Can we kill our own just because they’re bad guys?…And a Counterpoint….

But there are concerns. AnWar al-Awlaki was a bad guy for sure. He was also an American citizen.

I just stumbled upon Spatial Orientation, a blog new to me and one I’ll visit again, where they’ve posted some commentary on the subject including a statement from Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson and a post from professional liberal Glenn Greenwald, two fellows who are hardly ideological bedfellows but appear to be equally fond of the Constitution.

Johnson said that while he applauds vigilance in the WoT:

. . . we cannot allow the War on Terror to diminish our steadfast adherence to the notion of due process for American citizens.  The protections under the Constitution for those accused of crimes do not just apply to people we like — they apply to everyone, including a terrorist like al-Awlaki.  It is a question of due process for American citizens.

If we allow our fervor to eliminate terrorist threats to cause us to cut corners with the Constitution and the fundamental rights of American citizens, whether it be invasions of privacy or the killing of someone born on U.S. soil, I could argue that the terrorists will have ultimately won.

Greenwald added:

What’s most striking about this is not that the U.S. Government has seized and exercised exactly the power the Fifth Amendment was designed to bar . . . [but] that its citizens will not merely refrain from objecting, but will stand and cheer the U.S. Government’s new power to assassinate their fellow citizens, far from any battlefield, literally without a shred of due process from the U.S.

Awlaki has been linked to suspects in the 2009 Fort Hood, Texas shooting spree and the attempted Christmas bombing of a passenger jet, but he has neither been charged nor tried. It appears he was targeted because he preached jihad and recruited for Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Like I said, a bad guy, but we have rules that say we can’t kill citizens because they don’t like the government.

(The killing was carried out by an unmanned drone,  another conversation we should be having.)

UPDATE: Johnson just appeared on FOX News.

That’s an audience who need  a challenge to cherished beliefs.

He did a good job.

The video is here.....
Whatever Works......


That the video was on FOX only lets me know that FOX is doing the GOP dirty work by going after the President…..

Second…Let me see….Texas Governor Rick Perry has signed off on HOW MANY executions?

Third….. Al Qaeda has vowed to kill American’s….The organization has already done so to thousands…..With a T….

Fourth….Anybody want to poll this one?

Fifth…..The Organization , which is NOT a state is in a declared war against this country and it’s citizens….The President and ECERY person that works for the GOVERNMENT of the United States of America swears to Protect you and me….

Sixth…..Al Qaeda I’m sure has been declared ‘enemy combatants’…..Therefore I assume the President of the United Staes can and done a ‘Presidential Finding’ authorizing the people on a defined list to found and the Chain of Command notified or rendered harmless….

Seventh…..I’d bet that the wise men and women of the House and Senate where briefed in on this……

Last this guy was NO American……

Just because he was born in this country….

And Moe you are right about this and the other guy…..

Gloating serves NO purpose…

It is actually sad that this is the way things have to be…..

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Mike Huckabee rethinking 2012 presidential bid?

Run Huck…..


The More…..

The Merrier!

by Jed Lewison @Daily Kos…..

Mike Huckabee

From Mike Huckabee to Mike Hucka-maybe?

Add Mike Huckabee’s name to the list of Republican heavyweights thinking about running in 2012:

Mike Huckabee has been approached by Republican and conservative activists unhappy with the current crop of presidential hopefuls and he is considering entering the fray, two sources who have spoken with Huckabee told Reuters.The former Arkansas governor, who made a splash by winning the Iowa caucuses as a candidate in 2008, announced last May on his Fox News show that he would not enter the race.

But the conservative Huckabee, who appeals to evangelical Christians and is seen as an effective campaigner, is taking another look at jumping in, said the two sources, who are close to Huckabee. They spoke to Reuters on the condition of anonymity.

“He is entertaining the request for conversations about it,” one of the sources said. “I do not think it is a complete 100 percent ‘I’m reconsidering’ but he hasn’t shut the door on it.”

The cynic in me says that this is just an effort to increase ratings for Huckabee’sinterview with Mitt Romney on Sunday, but if there’s any truth at all to the story, it would seem to completely rule out the possibility of any imminent endorsement of Romney.

The bigger point, however, is that whether or not Huckabee himself is rethinking a bid, the fact that there are Republicans asking him to run is one hell of a vote of no confidence in both Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. From all appearances, Republicans don’t think that Rick Perry can beat President Obama … and they’re scared to death that Mitt Romney can’t beat Rick Perry.

12:34 PM PT: Adam B takes the opposite view: that whatever Huckabee’s agenda, the people who supported him in Iowa, really don’t want to see Romney get the nomination—and the fact that they are turning to Huckabee shows that they are afraid that Bachmann (and, I suppose, Perry) don’t have what it takes to get the job done.

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Scott Walker’s Chief of Staff Resigns — To Prepare For Possible Governor Recall….

For those of you who don’t think a recall vote is out there coming Walker’s way….

Get real….

It’s coming…

Photo Source…

By Eric Kleefeld @TPM….

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) is gearing up for a potential recall election in 2012, with his chief of staff, Keith Gilkes, now departing in order to become a lead adviser to Walker’s campaign.

It’s a return of sorts to Gilkes’ previous role as campaign manager in the regularly scheduled election that Walker won in 2010.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

Gilkes disclosed his plans to top Walker aides during a cabinet meeting Friday at a Madison hotel. In an interview, he said he would serve as lead adviser to Walker’s campaign, but also take on other clients for campaign work. He said he would not go into lobbying.

His departure comes at a time of strain for the administration, with Democrats poised to try to recall the governor next year and a widening John Doe investigation of current and former Walker aides.

Read more »

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Obama election counterpoint…..Is it possible to get past the Economy?

A DSD Highlight…William Galston at The New Republic, looking at the states’ margins one by one, takes a decidedly less sanguine view for the President than did Gerald Seib at The Wall Street Journal.

Galston concludes his piece by writing:

….The last Democrat to win the White House without carrying Ohio was John F. Kennedy, who pulled off the feat with 73 electoral votes from south of the Mason-Dixon line and another 26 from the border states of West Virginia, Missouri, and Arkansas. Obama’s likely haul from that territory: zero. And as Seib points out, the president is facing an uphill climb in much of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic region—including Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, all of which went his way by larger margins than did Ohio. (For more evidence, see the latest Pennsylvania survey, which finds that 54 percent of registered voters disapprove of Obama’s performance and 51 percent don’t think he deserves reelection, while it has him running even with Romney in a state he carried by 10.3 points in 2008.) In short, the president won’t have the luxury of building his campaign on a solid-blue foundation of 242 electoral votes in 2012.

So what does this all mean? Barring unlikely circumstances, the core challenge facing the Obama campaign is not to execute a thread-the-needle Electoral College strategy. It is rather to spend the next thirteen and a half months giving the people credible reasons to believe that the economy will fare better in a second Obama term than it did in the first.

William Galston is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a contributing editor for The New Republic.

The substance, body and statistical analysis of this column are at:

Of Course we NEVER had a Black President either…..

Let’s face it MR. Galston….. the GOP is hoping your right….

And for good measure they are making sure the do everything to make sure the Economy DOESN’T get better in the next 13 months…

History isn’t ALWAYS a predictor of the future…

The Dog

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Investors feel Bernanke can’t help the Economy….and the Politician’s won’t….

And they are right…..

But that’s only part of the problem….

The way this Dog see’s it….

The Republican Party isn’t gonna do a DAMN thing to help this Economy…..

That is gonna help…

Barack H. Obama keep his job past next year….

And they can take THAT to the bank…

One wonders WTF these money types would give money to people deliberately strangling the nation’s economy?

Oh, I know GREED!…..

I forgot…..

Global investors say Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke’s bond-swap program, known as Operation Twist, will fail to reduce unemployment as the world’s largest economy slows.

Seventy-eight percent of respondents say the Fed’s plan to replace $400 billion of short-term debt with longer-term Treasuries won’t create jobs for the nation’s 14 million unemployed, according to the quarterly Bloomberg Global Poll of 1,031 investors, analysts and traders who are Bloomberg subscribers.

“There’s probably nothing monetary policy can do except keep the psychology of the market positive,” poll respondent Jonathan Sadowsky, chief investment officer of Vaca Creek Asset Management in San Francisco, said in a follow-up interview. “The Fed is actually trying something while the politicians are doing nothing except squabbling.”

Investors are evenly divided on whether Operation Twist is a good idea or a bad one, and Bernanke remains very popular among them, more so than other American figures such as President Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner.

The central bank, announcing the move last week, said it was designed to “support a stronger economic recovery,” and it cited “significant downside risks” to the outlook. The decision provoked three dissents for the second straight meeting, posing the most opposition within Federal Open Market Committee in almost 19 years….


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Obama and staff looking for a way to 270 Electoral votes…..

The President has remarked that it should be easier for him to get there this time than the last time…

I don’t know?

It’s still gonna be a heavy lift if he runs against Mitt Romney….

Running against Rick Perry, or any of the other Republican’s would be much easier…. 

Obama Plots New Path to 270 Electoral Votes

The New York Times reports President Obama’s re-election campaign “is charting an alternative course to re-election should he be unable to win Ohio and other industrial states traditionally essential to Democratic presidential victories.”

“Without conceding ground anywhere, Mr. Obama is fighting hard for Southern and Rocky Mountain states he won in 2008, and some he did not, in calculating how to assemble the necessary 270 electoral votes. He is seeking to prove that those victories on formerly Republican turf were not flukes but the start of a trend that will make Democrats competitive there for years.”

Said strategist David Axelrod: “There are a lot of ways for us to get to 270, and it’s not just the traditional map. That’s why we’re laying the groundwork across the country to compete on the widest possible playing field next year.”

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There is a New Head off the Joint Chiefs…Army General Martin Dempsey….

The new incoming Chief leads a new group of military bosses that have cut their teeth under the tutelage of the new CIA directory former general David Petraeus….

Out going chief Admiral Mike Mullen was a old Viet Nam hand….

Dempsey, 59,  and the remaining General’s working for the President, and leading the nation’s military…. are Arab War veterans…. 

Mike Mullen and Martin Dempsey. | AP Photos

Army General Martin Dempsey and retiring Admiral Mike Mullen….(AP Photo)

The accession of Dempsey caps both the takeover and the transformation of America’s military by veterans of post-Sept. 11 conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. This change is most pronounced in the Army, where a fellow former division commander, Gen. Raymond Odierno, has replaced Dempsey as chief of staff, and many up-and-coming leaders are protégés of a third Iraq war leader, retired Gen. David Petraeus, a West Point classmate of Dempsey’s who now leads the Central Intelligence Agency.

Dempsey also is the first Army officer to take over as chairman since Gen. Hugh Shelton retired just three weeks after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks launched the country into a decade of war.

The U.S. now has military leaders who have dealt firsthand with “the messy problems of post-conflict stabilization and reconstruction,” said John Nagl, president of the Center for a New American Security.

Mullen, who took office in October 2007, is credited with having given these new leaders the space to transform the military from one defined by the doctrine of using massive force against conventional enemies to one capable of “winning the peace” in conflicts where terrorists operate in the shadows of failed states.


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Airstrike kills terrorist Awlaki, military says…..

The US contiues to hunt down the Al Qeada leadership wherever they are…..

The Yemen military has announced that an airstrike has killed Anwar Awlaki, a radical U.S.-born cleric and prominent voice in an Al Qaeda affiliate that spread Islamic extremism across the Arabian Peninsula and was behind failed attempts to blow up American airplanes.

Details of the attack on Awlaki were sparse, but news of his death came as Washington was providing intelligence and predator drones to the Yemeni army to defeat Al Qaeda operatives in the country’s rugged mountains. Yemen media reported that Awlaki was targeted in an airstrike in the Marib region of northern Yemen.

A U.S. official in Washington with access to intelligence said the Obama administration has confirmed that Awlaki is dead. But the official would not say what role, if any, U.S. drones or missiles may have played in an attack that will likely set back Islamic militant networks, which have exploited Yemen’s political chaos by taking over villages and towns…..


Say what you want about President Obama….

But he has FAR surpassed George Bush, or any President since Roosevelt  in the hunt for terrorist’s,

and over seeing military action by this country…


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Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Where will Jim Matheson run?…

by James L

Reposted from Daily Kos Elections by James L

Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest banner

To receive the Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest via email each weekday, sign up here.Senate:

• FL-Sen: How sad is this sack? PPP is out with a new poll showing retired Army Reserves Col. Mike McCalister leading his lamentable opponents in the Republican primary to take on Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson. McCalister is perhaps best known for being on the receiving end of allegations that he’s been trumping up his military record, as well as his campaign’s unique “sartorial issues“. He leads ex-Sen. George LeMieux by a 17-13 spread, with ex-state Rep. Adam Hasner checking in at 9%. Former Ruth’s Chris CEO Craig Miller lags behind with 3%.

• IN-Sen: It was just a matter of time, I suppose, but the incumbent scalp-collectors over at the Tea Party Express have finally endorsed Richard Mourdock in his primary bid against Dick Lugar.

• MD-Sen: State Senator C. Anthony Muse says that he’s formed an exploratory committee for a primary challenge next year against incumbent Democrat Ben Cardin. Muse, who is African-American, told a local talk radio host that while he has nothing against Cardin, “there is something to be said about the fact that we don’t have an African American serving in the United States Senate.”

• WI-Sen: Former state Sen. Ted Kanavas announced on Thursday that he won’t run for Senate, in large part due to ex-Gov. Tommy Thompson taking up too much of the oxygen in the GOP primary. This leaves Thompson and ex-Rep. Mark Neumann as the two biggest names in the race, with state Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald reportedly set to join the field next month.

Continue reading Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Where will Jim Matheson run?…

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Political Roundup For September 30, 2011….Red Racing Horses….

If you read this blog everyday like I do you get the sense that the Red Racing Horses people aren’t ready to give Mitt Romney the lead back ….

It gonna be tough if Perry keeps sinking in the polls….

There is another debate coming up in a little more than a week…..

Any body think the Texas Governor is gonna finally sit down and study like everyone does for those things?

by: SCRep

President Florida: A new SurveyUSA poll in Florida finds Mitt Romney leading the Republican race with 27%, followed by Herman Cain at 25% and Rick Perry at 13%. The remainder of the field: Newt Gingrich at 6%, Pon Paul at 5%, Michele Bachmann at 5%, Jon Huntsman at 3% and Rick Santorum at 2%. Romney leads among older voters, women, moderates and in Southeast Florida. Cain is strong among men, younger voters, Tea Party members, affluent voters and in Northeast Florida.Gingrich: Newt Gingrich will release a “21st Century Contract with America” which will call for Americans “to have new choices in how they buy health insurance, pay their income taxes and save for retirement.” The document is based on the 1994 Contract With America and matches the themes of smaller government, lower taxes and greater citizen control. The contract was written by Gingrich, who says he typed it with his thumbs in the memo section of his BlackBerry as ideas struck him.Giuliani: Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani sent a close adviser to New Hampshire to meet with key Republicans in the state about a potential Presidential bid. Having traveled to New Hampshire four times already this year, Giuliani said he wasn’t convinced any of the candidates were strong enough to defeat President Barack Obama. Until he is, he said he wouldn’t rule out a run of his own. Giuliani has not indicated a timeline to make his final decision.

Huntsman: Jon Huntsman is moving his presidential campaign headquarters to New Hampshire from Florida, aides said Thursday, a decision that underscores that his path to the nomination is wholly dependent on trying to score an upset in the state. The Huntsman campaign has been focusing intensively on New Hampshire for weeks, all but abandoning the three state strategy that once included South Carolina and Florida.

Romney: Mitt Romney is on pace to raise betweem $11 and $13 million this quarter, which would be lower than the $18.2 million he brought in last quarter. Romney’s strong performance in the recent debates has helped his fundraising by motivating his existing supporters, but it was not enough to move some of the fence sitters over to his camp, according to a Romney campaign source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the campaign has not publicly released its numbers yet. Texas Gov. Rick Perry is expected to bring in more for the quarter, even though he has been in the race for only six weeks….


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Reminiscing About What Could Have Been: How John McCain Would Have Fared With Other VP Choices…SE

Since McCain/Palin’s disastrous loss, I’ve often considered how McCain would have done with any VP other than Palin. McCain lost 365-173.

This is how I think he’d have done running with other VP choices.

John McCain/Tim Pawlenty: 348-190 McCain(McCain +NE-2, CO, FL, IN, IA, MI, MN, NH, NM, NV, NC, OH, PA, VA, WI)
John McCain/Mitt Romney: 323-215 McCain(McCain +NE-2, CO, FL, IN, IA, MI, NH, NV, NC, OH, PA, VA)
John McCain/Mike Huckabee: 272-266 McCain(McCain +NE-2, FL, IN, IA, NV, NC, OH, VA)
John McCain/Tom Ridge: 286-252 Obama(McCain +NE-2, CO, IN, NH, OH, PA, VA)
John McCain/Joe Lieberman: 372-166 McCain(McCain +NE-2, CO, CT, FL, IN, IA, ME, MI, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NC, OH, OR, PA, VA, WA)
John McCain/John Sununu: 285-253 McCain(McCain +NE-2, FL, IN, NH, NC, OH, PA, VA)
John McCain/Charlie Crist: 278-260 McCain(McCain +NE-2, CO, FL, IN, NH, NV, NC, OH, VA)
John McCain/Lindsey Graham: 394-144 Obama(Obama +GA, MO, MT)
John McCain/Tom Coburn: 311-227 Obama(McCain +NE-2, FL, IN, NC)
John McCain/Mike Pence: 331-207 Obama(McCain +NE-2, IN, IA, NC)
John McCain/John Hoeven: 338-200 Obama(McCain +NE-2, IN, NC)
John McCain/Mike Rounds: 338-200 Obama(McCain +NE-2, IN, NC)
John McCain/Phil Gramm: 322-216 Obama(McCain +NE-2, FL, IN, NH)
John McCain/George Pataki: 273-265 Obama(McCain +NE-2, FL, IN, NH, NC, PA, VA)
John McCain/Rudy Giuliani: 294-244 Obama(McCain +NE-2, FL, IN, NH, NC, VA)
John McCain/John Thune: 311-227 Obama(McCain +NE-2, FL, IN, NC)
John McCain/Richard Burr: 298-240 Obama(McCain +NE-2, FL, IN, NC, VA)

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