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• CT-Sen: Pretty unsurprising after all the leaks and pre-leaks and pre-announcements and rumored hinted alleged announcements, but anyway, ex-Rep. Chris Shays (himself) finally says he’s going to seek the GOP nod for U.S. Senate… in October (groan). Shays, who had quit Connecticut in favor of an exclusive waterfront community in Maryland, only re-enrolled as a Nutmeg State voter last week. It looks like Linda McMahon, the 2010 Republican nominee, will also run again, so I’m really looking forward to these two pounding on each other.

• FL-Sen, FL-22: I has a sad: Rep. Allen West says he will not run for Senate and will instead seek re-election to the House.

Elsewhere in the land of FL-Sen Republicans comes this very bizarre story: Retired Army Reserves Col. Mike McCalister has recently been on the receiving end of allegations that he’s been trumping up his military record, making it sound like he’s served in combat zones and for special forces when he’s done neither. He also had said he’d testified before Congress (he hadn’t), but when called on it, he said he’d never made such a claim — even though two YouTube videos emerged showing he had. Now he’s whining about opponents trying to “pick apart” his every word, and says he just didn’t remember saying he’d claimed he’d testified. Welcome to politics, Colonel!

• IN-Sen: We originally mentioned GOP state Sen. Mike Delph back in February, when he said he’d decide whether to seek the GOP Senate nomination after the conclusion of the legislative session… in April. Delph seemed to quickly disappear, though, and the race became a one-on-one between incumbent Sen. Dick Lugar and challenger Richard Mourdock, the state treasurer. But according to Brian Howey, after all this time, Delph is finally gearing up for a run — and it seems he’d be doing Lugar a serious solid by helping to split the vote against him. Indeed, that’s exactly what Mourdock said he feared in that February link.

• MA-Sen: A surprisingly decent ad (with amusing visuals) from a coalition of progressive groups called MassUniting takes aim at Scott Brown. The buy, however, is small (around $24K). You can view it here or below:

• MI-Sen: Local pollster EPIC-MRA shows improving numbers for Dem Sen. Debbie Stabenow in their latest survey. Click the link for the full post at Daily Kos Elections.

• MN-Sen: Sometimes you can be an elected official and still be more-or-less a Some Dude. Case in point: St. Bonifacius City Councilman Joe Arwood, a Republican who is considering seeking the GOP nod to take on Dem Sen. Amy Klobuchar. The red dot you see on this map is St. Bonifacius, home to 2,283 people. The AP says Arwood’s name “is not well-known, even in political circles.

• OH-Sen: Republicans endorsing other Republicans usually isn’t news, but this is an exception: GOP Rep. Jim Jordan just offered his backing to Treasurer Josh Mandel, who is running for the Republican Senate nod. Jordan, you’ll recall, landed himself on the redistricting hot seat when he tried to sabotage House Speaker John Boehner’s debt deal from the right. A Senate run seemed like a decent alternative to walking the plank, but with this endorsement, it looks like Jordan’s closed that door on himself.

By the way, this Weekly Standard piece says that Mandel “does not anticipate a primary challenge.” That’s awfully weird, since ex-state Rep. Kevin Coughlin is not only running, but has already attacked Mandel on a few occasions. Does Mandel expect Coughlin to drop out, or to register as nothing more than nuisance level?

• UT-Sen: In a surprising move, Rep. Jason Chaffetz will not challenge Sen Orrin Hatch for the GOP nomination. Follow the link for our full post at Daily Kos Elections.