Politics…..Making a problem out nothing for gain….

As we all watch this political theatre unfold on stage in front of us …..

One has to continual wonder WTF is this happening?

Especially since in the end it’s just gonna cost the American taxpayer more in interest rate increases on the countries debt….

Like I said a few days ago…

In some places this sort of stuff would be dealt with harshly instead having 300 million people and the world stand by

as spectators while one party tries to wrestle power form the other in broad daylight….

When Politics Trumps Economics

Elvin Lim: “America is the only country in the world that has the luxury of creating an economic crisis when there isn’t one. Ours is the only democracy with a debt ceiling, with the exception of Denmark, which raises its ceiling well in advance of when it would be reached. Economists say that our ‘debt crisis’ is an unforced error, because people are more than willing to lend us money, at pretty good rates. This is the benefit of having a really good credit score.”

“And yet there are some who wish to call the credit card company to voluntarily reduce our credit limit after they just maxed it out. This tells us that politics triumphs economics in this country. That we ended up with so much debt is a result of politics, anyway.”