Casey Anthony verdict….The media didn’t get it right…

My wife’s been following this case down in Orlando….

I haven’t until a few days ago….

Casey Anthony is a young mother who didn’t call authorities about here missing child for about 30 days…

The child’s body was found in bad shape…

The death was a mystery…

In fact to this day NO ONE know quite how the child died….

Oh, little Cayle Anthony was duct taped and drowned it’s reported….


Here’s the weird thing….

The child’s mother during this period went out a partied….


And then there is even more…

The grand parents of the child  (Casey mother and father)where looked at as possible ‘persons of interest’…


Her Dad is a ex-Homicide Detective…

There is also an old bot friend angle and more….


That’s a little background….

My wife and I discussed the case after it was sent to the jury over the July 4th weekend….

I watched two different talking heads yesterday….

So Defense lawyer on Fox who thought the case was a slam dunk for the Prosecution and 

Jane Velez Mitchell from CNN’s Court Channel…



The media outlets….

Virtually ALL of them where reporting that Casey Anthony was a done deal for a conviction on most …if not all of charges and was on trial for her life….


Somebody forgot to tell the jury that….

Hours ago the came back with NOT GUILTIES for….



Felony Child Abuse…..

Valez Mitchell had been right….

The case presented by prosecutors didn’t sway the jury which came back with a verdict convicting Casey Anthony of lying to the cops….

That all….

Those are misdemeanors….

Which means with time served …..(Anthony has been in jail since her arrest. 3 years ago)..

She’ll be out of jail shortly….


I watched with amusement all the talking heads on several channel try to play off the fact that they just about ALL got this wrong….

Very wrong….


Listen from what I read and what my wife has told me….

Casey Anthony wasn’t the best mother in the world….

After the verdict her parents left the courtroom without saying a word….

A beautiful kid is gone in a horrible way….

And like it or not…

Casey Anthony DID time and was scared in the courtroom today…


Something bad happened to that child…


The media clearly missed the train on this one….

There seemed to be so much circumstantial evidence and almost no direct evidence that Casey Anthony ….Or for that matter ANYONE hurt the child….

The media pushed for a conviction….

The jury had the last word….

Cleared of murder charges in death of 2-year-old daughter


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7 thoughts on “Casey Anthony verdict….The media didn’t get it right…”

  1. Admittedly I didn’t follow this trial closely

    But in my view the prosecution made a big mistake early by seeking the death penalty

    This was not a capital case for a host of reasons

    And for sure the jury was presented with other options

    But once you throw the dp out there it tends to color the jurors perceptions from the start

    The questionable forensic evidence and the lack of a clearly established motive probably weighed heavily in the jury’s decision

    1. an alternate juror was on this morning…..He said straight up……

      who killed cayle?

      no one really knows…

      and the DA certainly didn’t prove Casey did….
      3 years of work putting the case together and less than a day to return the verdict…..


  2. I know people who were obsessed with this case. Whether they were on their own or because 24 hr. cable news told them they should be I do not know.

    As for myself I treated this like any other case involving people I did not know nor was familiar with 1000 miles away–with little interest.

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