Along Japan’s northeastern coast, several hundred miles of cleanup….

While the headlines have been all about the Nuclear Plants….

The fact is there was a huge loss of life from the earthquake and the tsunami….

The Japanese in their orderly fashion are beginning to clean up after the death and destruction….

That has got to be the just a hard as the first incident….

Losing all your possessions and never knowing what you’ll turn up as you dig and clean up the ruble….

(Washington Post Photo)

For the past three weeks, survivors of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami have been largely consumed with worries about their hour-to-hour existence. But government officials say that now, with main roads cleared and temperatures thawing, survivors are returningby the thousands to sort through debris, claim their belongings and, in many cases, confirm firsthand that they have no possessions left.

Japan’s northeastern coastline is a several-hundred-mile cleanup job. Miyagi prefecture alone has 15 million to 18 million tons of debris. That garbage — sorted and stacked along roads, bobbing in rivers, and twisted and strewn into crevasses — stands as a hot, rotting impediment, making thoughts about the future seem impractical and obscene….


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