Along Japan’s northeastern coast, several hundred miles of cleanup….

While the headlines have been all about the Nuclear Plants….

The fact is there was a huge loss of life from the earthquake and the tsunami….

The Japanese in their orderly fashion are beginning to clean up after the death and destruction….

That has got to be the just a hard as the first incident….

Losing all your possessions and never knowing what you’ll turn up as you dig and clean up the ruble….

(Washington Post Photo)

For the past three weeks, survivors of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami have been largely consumed with worries about their hour-to-hour existence. But government officials say that now, with main roads cleared and temperatures thawing, survivors are returningby the thousands to sort through debris, claim their belongings and, in many cases, confirm firsthand that they have no possessions left.

Japan’s northeastern coastline is a several-hundred-mile cleanup job. Miyagi prefecture alone has 15 million to 18 million tons of debris. That garbage — sorted and stacked along roads, bobbing in rivers, and twisted and strewn into crevasses — stands as a hot, rotting impediment, making thoughts about the future seem impractical and obscene….


More on the Tea Party flexxing on GOP Speaker Boehner….

Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)  is in a tough spot….

He is the leader of the House….

Not just the GOP one


Not just the Republican Party one….

NOT  just the Tea Party one


Some time real soon…..

A deal WILL be made on the 2011FY  Budget…


The Democrats will have to help out…..

The tea partyers who helped drive GOP gains in the last election are rallying in the city they love to hate Thursday, urging Republican House leaders – Speaker John Boehner above all – to resist the drive toward compromise in the protracted fight over the federal budget. Even, they say, if that means Congress fails to do its most important job: pay for the government.

And if Boehner opts instead to agree to a deal with President Barack Obama?

“You’re going to see massive amounts of (GOP) primaries” in next year’s election, said Mark Meckler of the Tea Party Patriots. If the Ohio Republican strikes a budget deal that doesn’t cut spending enough, Meckler said Wednesday, “he is going to face a primary challenge.”

It’s tough talk from a member of the loosely affiliated political force that helped drive Boehner’s Republican troops into the House majority last year on a platform of smaller, more austere government. And during three months in power, Boehner’s been listening.

On Thursday as Meckler’s group gathered in the rain near the Capitol, Boehner said he’s glad they’re part of the debate. But he also made clear that, like it or not, a budget compromise was on the horizon.

“We control one half of one third of the government here in Washington,” Boehner told reporters at his weekly briefing. “We can’t impose our will on the Senate. All we can do is to fight for all of the spending cuts that we can get an agreement to.”




Right after this gets put to bed…..

They’ll be right back at it …..

Fighting about the Debt Ceiling….

The Conservative States of America…..

American is aways considered center-right……

Every four years when American’s come out a vote for President we never know who is gonna come out and vote..

Last November  we had the right come to the polls…In force…

In some states people are paying for NOT coming out to vote…..

RICHARD FLORIDA from the Atlantic Magazine gives a walk thru the polls and graphs that shows where the conservative Americans live in the Good Ole’ US of America….

No one should be surprised…..

America is an increasingly conservative nation, by ideology and by political affiliation, according topolling results from the Gallup Organization. While conservatives have long outnumbered liberals and moderates across the U.S., the study sheds new light on state-by-state patterns. The map below shows the pattern for the 50 states and the District of Columbia….

Source: Map via Gallup.











Mississippi is the first state with more than 50% conservative identification, with Idaho, Alabama, Wyoming, and Utah approaching that level, and Arkansas, South Carolina, North Dakota, Louisiana, and South Dakota (the rest of the top-ten conservative states) 45% or higher. Conservatives outnumber liberals in even the most liberal-leaning states (excluding the District of Columbia): Vermont, (30.7% conservative to 30.5% liberal), Rhode Island (29.9% to 29.3%), and Massachusetts (29.9% to 28.0%).

Political commentators have long pointed to underlying social and economic sorting that underpins this growing conservative/ liberal divide. But what factors account for the growing conservatism of Americans and American states?

With the help of my colleague Charlotta Mellander, I decided to take a look……



Schwarzenegger Back in Show Biz With ‘Governator’…….


arnold schwarzenegger

He’s Backkkkkk!


With his years as governor behind him, Arnold Schwarzenegger will soon return to his acting career with a new animated TV series.

The planned action-comedy cartoon is called “The Governator,” according to A Squared Entertainment, a partner in the venture. It will focus on a superhero living a double life as an ordinary family man. Schwarzenegger will provide the voice of the title character.

Comic-book legend Stan Lee is another partner in the project, which will be officially announced Monday at the MIPTV trade show in Cannes, France……



The Zeitgeist ( Economic Data ) for March 31, 2011…..

The Zeitgeist ( Economic Data ) From the Atlantic Magazine for March 31, 2011…..


46.2%Obama Average Job Approval
51.7%Obama Favorability
27.0% / 61.6%Right Direction / Wrong Track
20.7%Congressional Approval
-6,000Initial Weekly Jobless Claims
-36,232Newly foreclosed properties in February

Gates and Mullen on the Hill….Testy…Testy…

I watched some of this earlier today…..

Defense Secretary Gates seemed unusually quiet and withdrawn….

I get the impression that juggling US action in three Middle East/North African countries and Helping Japan while the Congress plays games with the 2011 FY CR is just about enough for him….

I do not expect him to sign up for another tour as Defense Secretary…..

Especially with Congress so intent on budget issues when he has to get more missions done with less…

A few things I wrote down….

The cost of the No Fly Zone Operation so far….$40 Million….

The cost of Japan Operations around $100 Million…..

Gates does his signature quip…..’There are NO boots on the ground as long as he’s around’…..

Mullen denies there are any US forward air controllers….

Mr. Gates and Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, faced tough questions on Thursday from members of Congress who are angry about the administration’s push into Libya and deeply skeptical about President Obama’s plans to end the conflict.

“History has demonstrated that an entrenched enemy like the Libyan regime can be resilient to airpower,” Representative Howard P. McKeon, Republican of California and chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said at the start of daylong hearings in both houses of Congress concerning the allied assault on forces loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi. “If Qaddafi does not face an imminent military defeat or refuses to abdicate, it seems that NATO could be expected to support decade-long no-fly zone enforcement like the one over Iraq in the 1990s.”

Democrats, too, were circumspect. “Many have asked, ‘Why Libya?’ ” said Representative Adam Smith of Washington, the top Democrat on the House panel.

In response, Mr. Gates said in his opening statement to the House committee that American involvement would be limited, and that in his view, the conflict would probably end with Colonel Qaddafi’s removal from power, either by economic and political pressures or by his own people.

But under questioning from Mr. McKeon, Mr. Gates said he did not have a time frame for Colonel Qaddafi’s ouster. “The bottom line is, no one can predict for you how long it will take for that to happen,” he said…..


(Stephen Crowley/NY Times Photo)

Daily Manila…. 3/31/11…Tea Party, Healhcare, Romney, Obama…

“Tea Party right-winger were to challenge Brown in a GOP primary”

What his name would be would be the question but he might have talk show ambitions. All the Tea bags seems to be pointed in the media money direction. However the issues that must come up would be health care and the fact that the US Government has gotten too big. This could help educate the voting public about the main issue of this campaign, health care laws.

I do not think it will become the gunfight in the lifeboat earlier campaigns have become simply because Brown is the incumbent and the “Camelot” killer.

And the Democrats would have to have some kind of serious candidate. They do not. Only Governor Deval Patrick could make any kind of stand against him at this time. Vickie Kennedy? I think she would get as far as Caroline did in New York but there is water to carry so I would not count her out.

What makes this campaign important is that MA has a universal health care bill that was signed by Romney, the probable GOP Presidential candidate. That Obama Care health care bill is not popular here in MA except with the DEM liberal insiders. The Democratic candidate’s job will be to sell Obama care, Obama, and support the national ticket.

This will be debate central. We are also losing one congressional seat so who gets the last place in the life boat? 2012 should have a lot of action here.

Note: Bringing up the Obama War(s) will be taboo.

Gotta Jets guys!


Did the President sign up for Drill…Drill…Drill in his recent Energy Speech ?

He, he, he……

You know when you think about it….

The man has a point……

1/3 cut in outside energy imports….

Pushing for more domestic oil resources tapped…

Increase in shale natural oil extraction…….

Resuming Deep water drilling……


From Lawrence KudLow over @ MSNBC….

Full-Throttle Drill, Drill, Drill

If you buy into the energy speech President Obama delivered on Wednesday, it sure sounds like we’re headed for drill, drill, drill. It would be a total reversal of policy. I guess $100-plus oil and near $4 gas at the pump — along with a consumer economic-political revolt — will do that to you.

After bashing oil and gas companies for a couple of years and instituting a virtual drilling moratorium, President Obama now says yes to offshore oil and makes a big pitch for natural gas. There may even be incentives for faster leasing and smaller royalty payments to the government.

Is it credible? Well, when you get to the fine print, it may not be.

In the fact sheet that accompanied the speech, there’s a lot of talk about “responsible development” for natural gas fracking chemicals, state regulators, tapping experts, the environmental community, and protecting public health and the environment. In other words, the standards for new drilling could be so high that there won’t be that much new drilling.

The president doesn’t discuss the role of the EPA, which is going after coal, natural gas, and oil. And while he says he’ll speed up new leases and permits, he then blames oil companies for not using their old leases. That’s an old saw of an argument that neglects to mention dry holes.

I believe natural gas is the answer to our energy problems over the long run. It’s real cheap…..


US worker efficenticy, automation and less frills is costing jobs…….

Doing more with less seems to be the new American way…

And it’s costing people jobs….

Businesses have found out after the recession  that they actually get their employee’s to work harder and…

Companies can do with certain things…….

Add that to the increasing reliance on automation….

And you get less jobs coming back in the future….

From Huffington Post…..

The United States is out of step with the rest of the world’s richest industrialized nations: Its economy is growing faster than theirs but creating far fewer jobs.

The reason is U.S. workers have become so productive that it’s harder for anyone without a job to get one.

Companies are producing and profiting more than when the recession began, despite fewer workers. They’re hiring again, but not fast enough to replace most of the 7.5 million jobs lost since the recession began.

Measured in growth, the American economy has outperformed those of Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan – every Group of 7 developed nation except Canada, according to The Associated Press’ new Global Economy Tracker, a quarterly analysis of 22 countries representing more than 80 percent of global output.

Yet the U.S. job market remains the group’s weakest. U.S. employment bottomed and started growing again a year ago, but there are still 5.4 percent fewer American jobs than in December 2007. That’s a much sharper drop than in any other G-7 country. The U.S. had the G-7’s highest unemployment rate as of December.

Canada and Germany have actually added jobs since the recession ended in June 2009.

U.S. companies aren’t acting the way economists had expected them to……..

The Foreign Desk…3/31/11…Libyan Defection, India Population and China on the US Military…

From the BBC…..

No UK immunity for Libya minister

The UK says it has not offered Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa immunity from prosecution following his unexpected arrival in the country.

Foreign Secretary William Hague said Mr Koussa had quit, and Muammar Gaddafi’s regime was “crumbling from within”.

UK officials are questioning Mr Koussa amid opposition claims that he helped plan the 1988 Lockerbie plane bombing……


India population count hits 1.2bn

India’s population has grown by 181 million people over the past decade to 1.21bn, according to the 2011 census.

More people now live in India than in the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan and Bangladesh combined.

India is on course to overtake China as the world’s most populous nation by 2030, but its growth rate is falling, figures show. China has 1.3bn people.

The census also reveals a continuing preference for boys – India’s sex ratio is at its worst since independence.

Female foeticide remains common in India, although sex-selective abortion based on ultrasound scans is illegal. Sons are still seen by many as wage-earners for the future.

Statistics show fewer girls than boys are being born or surviving. The gender imbalance has widened every decade since independence in 1947……


China eyes US military ‘expansion’

China says the United States is increasing its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region, which is becoming more “volatile”.

It also says there has been a rise in operations directed against China.

The views were made in China’s National Defence white paper, issued by the government.

The paper outlines the country’s current views on security issues and gives an overview of its military forces……

Dailykos Elections Daily Digest: 3/31/11…..

By David Nir@Dailykos…..


• HI-Sen: Charles Djou reiterated that he’d wait until fellow GOPer Linda Lingle decides whether to run, which he expects by this summer. (So does that mean until Sept. 21st?)

Political gear from Dem MA-Sen campaign

• MA-Sen: This is some… creative spin from the DSCC. Dems, both named and un-named, are saying that the failure of a Democratic challenger to emerge against Scott Brown is all part of a plan, one that involves attacking Brown (by various proxies, it would seem) while giving the Republicans no Dem to attack in response. This plan is so super-genious, it ought to continue right up until November 6th, 2012.

• NV-Sen: The Lahontan Valley News, covering a Jeff-Jack dinner up north that Rep. Shelley Berkley just attended, says that the congresswoman ” confirmed she wants to run” for Senate—but those are their words, not hers. Please hold the microphone closer to the horse’s mouth!

• VA-Sen: President Obama showered some praise on Tim Kaine at a couple of fundraisers in NYC on Tuesday night. Is this part of a lengthy marketing campaign, or an attempted kick in the pants?

Continue reading Dailykos Elections Daily Digest: 3/31/11…..