Political Roundup for February 28, 2011…Red Horses Racing…

By: James_Nola

PresidentGingrich: The big news from this weekend is that Newt Gingrich will be the first major Republican candidate to join the Presidential race, or to form an exploratory committee. According to Gingrich’s lawyer, Randy Evans, he will announce an exploratory committee on March 8th in Georgia. Meanwhile, a Gingrich aide tells Politicothat Gingrich will decide this week, but there may not be an announcement that soon. He will also conveniently be in Iowa on March 7.

Daniels: Daniels says that Indiana’s fleebaggers may extend the legislative session, which would delay his decision on a Presidential run

Tea Party Straw Poll: A straw poll taken of the attendees of the Tea Party Patriots policy summit this weekend, keynoted by Tim Pawlenty , put businessman Herman Cain at the front with 22%, followed by Pawlenty with 16% edging out Ron Paul, who received 15%.



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