Pakistani Journalists Call for End to U.S.-Pakistan Partnership…..


Continuing with the message I have posted this morning in the open thread….

The US and NATO’s chief problem in Pakistan is political will…

That countries political leaders are worried about a population that simply does not believe that Afghanis is it’s chief problem…

The US and maybe India is…

In the Woodward book the problem is laid out starkly in back and white…

This linked piece also explains it….

This is no way to win a war…..

You ally cutting off supplies to your troops because you go after bad guys on his doorstaep…

Not good….

Not good at all……ses…..

For better or worse, Pakistan has been the single most important U.S. partner in Afghanistan since the 1979 Soviet invasion. That relationship today hits what may be an all-time low, as Pakistan shuts down one of only two overland supply routes into Afghanistan in retaliation for an overt military incursion (probably by the U.S.) into Pakistani territory. But that’s not even the most alarming indication that Pakistan is losing interest in its generation-long, heavily subsidized partnership with the U.S. and NATO in Afghanistan. Pakistani journalists, part of the country’s vibrant, vocal, and typically pro-Western free press, are now openly wondering if allying with the U.S. may be no longer worthwhile.

Pakistani newspaper The Nation ran a staff editorial on Tuesday with the headline, “By Helping America, Pakistan Kills Itself.” The editorial called for Pakistan to “delink” from the U.S. “misguided ‘War On Terror'” for the “growing murder of Pakistanis by U.S. and NATO forces.” They cite the recent incursion as well as the rapidly accelerating program of U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, which are widely perceived as killing more civilians than militants. The paper lambastes the Pakistani government’s “eternal shame” for tolerating the U.S. behavior, which they say has “embolden[ed]” more killings of Pakistanis.

The Frontier Post, which is a less prominent daily but is mostly distributed in the strategically crucial Pakistan border region, called U.S. and NATO behavior “naked aggression against Pakistan.” They criticize the Pakistani government for not resisting the U.S. more, writing, “It’s high time that the Pakistani government wake up to the potential costs of its trickery with its own people.” Public opinion in Pakistan’s frontier “tribal regions” along the Afghanistan border is increasingly anti-American. According to a New American Foundation report, 90 percent oppose U.S. incursions into Pakistan and 70 percent say that Pakistan should not join with the U.S. in fighting militants. As anti-Americanism there rises…..More…

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7 thoughts on “Pakistani Journalists Call for End to U.S.-Pakistan Partnership…..”

  1. And these are our “allies?”

    This whole post seems to run counter to your statement above that Pakistans military is somehow trying to get the civilian leadership to take on the Taliban

    Fact is the Pakistani military has NEVER had their heart in “getting the bad guys” as you say

    All a tragic waste

    Withdraw from Afghanistan NOW!

    Let it revert to the warlordism which has always existed and if anything use Special Forces for specific targets

    This silly Petraeus led “hearts and minds ” campaign has already FAILED

    1. Ok Jack…I believe I stated that the head guy was worried about India first…

      The Pakistani political structure is gonna have a different worry …..THE PEOPLE…

      Who see the America WHOLESALE use of power as more threatening then the everyday crinimal and terrorist acts they have become accostomed to…..

      We can argue all day…

      I assure you Obama cannot just turn tail and run….
      Not gonna happen…
      And yes
      The WHOLE DAMN thing is contridictory and crazy…..
      And I agree with you
      A WASTE in the end…
      But they most wars are….
      Another one of those things you can’t stand…
      It just is…..

  2. The above statement is nonsensical

    I couldnt care LESS what Obama can or cant do

    I am making a point

    Thats what argument and discussion is all about

    Your simplistic “well we arent gonna withdraw so whats there to discuss is a “fallacy”

    As best I can determine

    You agree with me

    However what is-is

    So there is NOTHING to talk about

    One can say that about ANYTHING

    Once again


    The counterfeit of argument

    1. No, I don’t…..He, he, he….

      My argument reinforced by comments in the open thread and this post is Pakistan doesn’t think OUR problem is a BIG deal….

      This puts Obama/America in a bind….

      While the whole thing sucks and is on 15 different levels….
      Obama and the US/NATO are fighting the bad guys AND the country it;s depending on to hold ground…
      He’s stuck….
      He knows it….
      And they really don’t much care..
      Your solution…
      I say again…
      Is NOT a solution….
      Justifiably to most of the parents and families of the American KIA’s

      GET IT?

    2. On the Budget thing…..No…

      I’m simiply saying…..

      The people who sign the checks……Congress
      Look at the killing of any large program that sends money to their state, citites and districts very hard….
      They will fight tooth and nail to keep money coming to them…
      Budget be damned….

  3. On the contrary it is YOU

    Who stated

    “The whole damn thing is contradictory and crazy”

    “A Waste in the end”

    And it is YOU who are being TOTALLY cynical with the parents and families you now hypocritically draw into the discussion

    There is nothing to “get” here

    You continue to talk all over yourself in support of a policy you cant even articulate and that YOU know is not going to succeed and in your own words will end up a


    1. He, he, he……If I said an Orange is an Orange….You’d never agree Jack…….

      You DO make me smile though…..

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