Alright…Here’s Carl Paladino…The GOP guy running for NY State Governor…In a reporter’s face…..

Fred Dicker and Carl Paladino<br /> (State of Politics)

[ Fred Dicker and Carl Paladino – State of Politics ]

The guy IS scary…..

I’m glad he has no chance of winning against Andrew Cuomo the current New York State Attorney General…

New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is taking a very unique approach to dealing with the media. He nearly came to blows with the New York Post‘s State Editor Fred Dicker tonight after Dicker asked him what evidence he had forallegations that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo had had “paramours.” He accused Dicker of being Cuomo’s “stalking horse,” complained that the reporter had sent “one of your goons” to follow his 10-year-old daughter, and threatened, “I’ll take you out.” The videotape, from State of Politics, is really quite remarkable…….More…..

Hrer’s the video of the encounter taken with a cell phone…….

Michael Vick…..Eagles STARTING QB……

My middle son is sitting at the kitchen table watching ESPN with me…

We’re watching Michael Vick run his ass off ..

Throwing here…

Taking his team there…

2 and 0 ……

Winning makes you forget all the bad stuff…

Then there ‘s this…..

McNabb gone to the Redskins…..

Donavan who?

JACKSONVILLE FL - SEPTEMBER 26:  Quarterback Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles walks the sidelines before taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field on September 26 2010 in Jacksonville Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

[ 4 days ago: JACKSONVILLE FL – SEPTEMBER 26: Quarterback Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles walks the sidelines before taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field on September 26 2010 in Jacksonville Florida. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images) ]

This whole Michael Vick road to redemption is going good. Almost too good some might say… but it’s hard to deny that so far Vick looks destined to reclaim his superstar status. Winning the NFC offensive player of the month was the first big sign and now comes the second… His jersey is flying off the shelves. CNBC is reporting that local stores are stocking up on #7 Eagles jerseys to meet the demand.

“Certainly after coach Reid declared him the starter and offered his vote of confidence, demand and sales escalated and we did bring in more (jerseys) to meet customer needs,” said Jed Berger, senior vice president of marketing for Modell’s Sporting Goods, which brought Eagles No. 7 jerseys into its stores in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey……..More…..

Polling for Thursday, September 30th, 2010….WA, CA, WI, KY, FL, MA, NH, NV, NJ, VA, Gen Congress

From Realclearpolitics

Thursday, September 30
Race (Click to Sort)PollResultsSpread
Washington Senate – Rossi vs. MurrayRasmussen ReportsMurray 47, Rossi 48Rossi +1
California Senate – Boxer vs. FiorinaPPICBoxer 42, Fiorina 35Boxer +7
California Governor – Whitman vs. BrownPPICBrown 37, Whitman 38Whitman +1
Wisconsin Senate – Feingold vs. JohnsonRasmussen ReportsJohnson 54, Feingold 42Johnson +12
New York Governor – Paladino vs. CuomoMaristCuomo 53, Paladino 38Cuomo +15
Kentucky Senate – Paul vs. ConwayRasmussen ReportsPaul 49, Conway 38Paul +11
Florida Senate – Rubio vs. Meek vs. CristQuinnipiacRubio 46, Crist 33, Meek 18Rubio +13
Massachusetts Governor – Baker vs. Patrick vs. CahillRasmussen ReportsPatrick 47, Baker 42, Cahill 6Patrick +5
New Hampshire Senate – Ayotte vs. HodesWMUR/UNHAyotte 50, Hodes 35Ayotte +15
Illinois Governor – Brady vs. QuinnPPP (D)Brady 42, Quinn 35Brady +7
Nevada Governor – Sandoval vs. ReidRasmussen ReportsSandoval 53, Reid 40Sandoval +13
New Jersey 3rd District – Runyan vs. AdlerMonmouth/GannettAdler 42, Runyan 39Adler +3
Virginia 9th District – Griffith vs. BoucherSurveyUSABoucher 53, Griffith 38Boucher +15
Generic Congressional VoteFOX NewsRepublicans 44, Democrats 38Republicans +6

Good initiative: Improving cities by Bloomberg and Booker……Talkandpolitics….

Mayors Mike Bloomberg (NYC) and Cory Booker (Newark) join forces for new community programs in ten major US cities.

Launching the CitiesofService Program.

From the press release:

Mayor Mike Bloomberg joined Newark Mayor Cory Booker to launch Brick City SERVES, part of the high-impact service program which will target volunteers to address the greatest needs in 10 major US cities. The ten new programs are launching around the one-year anniversary of the Cities of Service coalition. Cities of Service is a bipartisan coalition of mayors from across the country dedicated to engaging more Americans in community service and harnessing the power of volunteers as a serious strategy to address local challenges. The coalition has grown rapidly since its inception in September of 2009, from 17 mayors to 110 mayors representing more than 47 million Americans today.

The ten cities launching a high-impact service plan this month are: Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Los Angeles, CA; Nashville, TN; Newark, NJ; Omaha, NE; Philadelphia, PA; Sacramento, CA; Savannah, GA; and Seattle, WA.



The Zeigeist (economic data ) for the week of September 30……..

The Zeigeist ( economic data ) From the Atlantic Magazine for the week of September 30……


45.5%Obama Average Job Approval
48.7%Obama Favorability
32.7% / 59.1%Right Direction / Wrong Track
21.7%Congressional Approval
+0.7%Small Business Optimism Index
-3Consumer Comfort Index
+12,000Initial Weekly Jobless Claims
+4%Newly foreclosed properties in July

Daily Manila….Military Budgets

The military budget is now up to 20% of the whole federal budget. (I do not know if that percentage included the wars either.) Gates knows that and he knows they have to cut.

Problem is the capital budget items cost more and more and the bases are needed less and less. The Joint Strike fighter is needed to replace our aging fighter aircraft where metal fatigue and other structural problems are not easily remedied. This shows how overbuilt the post WW Two designed B 52 was as it will fly until 2030.

War is changing now anyhow. Iraq and Afghanistan are in a way a mop up of the Cold War. N. Korea and Iran ditto.

And to think the assassination in Sarajevo that really started it all was just 96 years ago.

Religious Ignorance In America……The Oligarch Kings

Considering all the fuss that has been raging this summer in the American press you would be forgiven for thinking that the American Public are particularly well informed on matters religious.

After all we have had the debate over the building of mosques, the burning or otherwise of holy books, and an entertaining fuss over whether Satanists have picnic tables.

To foreigners America, that last of Victorian societies, is held out to the world as one of the most religious and most churched of any western society.

Religious perhaps but poorly educated, uninformed and ignorant too.

Foreigners do not realise that in America they dont teach religion in schools.  Nor, it seems, do they teach much in the churches…..More…..

Social Minefield: How To Give A Perfect Present……

Social Minefield: How To Give A Perfect Present

A present is an opportunity to show how creative, thoughtful, and generous you are, all with a single well-wrapped package. Or it’s a chance to look like a huge ass. Here’s how to do the former and avoid the latter.

Gift-giving is tough. I learned this the hard way at the age of four, when I went to my best friend’s birthday party and proceeded to unceremoniously unwrap the gift my mom had carefully picked out for her. Because that’s what presents are for, right? Opening? Needless to say I got in huge trouble — and discovered at a young age how emotionally fraught giving a gift can be. You want it to be awesome, but not over-the-top. Personal, but situationally appropriate. And then there’s the question of price. It’s enough to make anyone just swap Amazon gift certificates (this is what my dad and his dad do every Christmas), but you no longer have to resort to that, because you have this handy guide. We’ll tackle holiday gift ideas in greater depth later on, but for a whole bunch of other occasions, see below.


I covered this a bit in the birthdays post, but I’ll reiterate: if it’s a casual friend, who’s also a grownup, you probably don’t have to get anything. Unless he/she’s having a house party — then bring some nice booze if you can afford it. If not, baked goods! If you’re shopping for a close friend, you may already have a great idea. But in case your gifting staples are getting a little tired — or your wallet is looking thin — consider giving a service. Dodai says, “my friend once ‘gave’ me the gift of organizing my apartment, and it changed my life.” Sadie has another budget-friendly recommendation……………More.

Daniel….Larry J. Sabato Rating Changes; Part 2: Senate + Governor

Hello Dog Folks!

Here are now the Rating Changes for the Senate & Governor Races from Sabato himself:

Governor Rating Changes by Larry J. Sabato:

Georgia Governor (Open)

Toss-Up to Lean Republican

Maryland Governor (O’Malley-D)

Toss-Up to Lean Democrat

Massachusetts Governor (Patrick-D)

Lean Democrat to Toss-Up

Senate Rating Changes by Larry J. Sabato:

Alaska Senate (Murkowski-R)

Safe Republican to Likely Republican

North Carolina Senate (Burr-D)

Leans Republican to Likely Republican

All the Rating Changes can be found here:

Daniel G.

Daniel….Larry J. Sabato Updated Rating Changes; Part 1: The House Ratings

Larry J. Sabato Updated Rating Changes; Part 1: The House Ratings

Hello Dog Pound!

Larry J. Sabato CHANGED a massive BUNCH of House Races today AND almost all are favouring the Republican Candidates.

House Rating Changes by Isaac Wood:

AZ-1 (Kirkpatrick – D)

Toss-Up to Lean Republican

CO-4 (Markey – D)

Toss-Up to Lean Republican

FL-24 (Kosmas – D)

Toss-Up to Lean Republican

MI-1 (Open)

Toss-Up to Lean Republican

PA-3 (Dahlkemper – D)

Toss-Up to Lean Republican

PA-8 (Patrick Murphy – D)

Toss-Up to Lean Republican

PA-11 (Kanjorski-D)

Toss-Up to Lean Republican

TX-17 (Edwards-D)

Toss-Up to Lean Republican

VA-2 (Nye-D)

Toss-Up to Lean Republican

VA-5 (Perriello-D)

Toss-Up to Lean Republican

HI-1 (Djou-R)

Lean Democrat to Toss-Up

AZ-5 (Mitchell-D)

Lean Democrat to Toss-Up

FL-22 (Klein-D)

Lean Democrat to Toss-Up

GA-8 (Marshall-D)

Lean Democrat to Toss-Up

NY-19 (Hall-D)

Lean Democrat to Toss-Up

CT-4 (Himes-D)

Likely Democrat to Lean Democrat

GA-2 (Bishop-D)

Likely Democrat to Lean Democrat

IA-2 (Loebsack-D)

Safe Democrat to Likely Democrat

IL-17 (Hare-D)

Safe Democrat to Likely Democrat

MS-4 (Taylor-D)

Safe Democrat to Likely Democrat

OH-6 (Wilson-D)

Safe Democrat to Likely Democrat

All the Rating Changes can be found here:

Sabato still sees a 47 Seat GAIN for Republicans come November

Daniel G.

Daniel….7pm Poll Closing: South Carolina Preview

Hello Dog Pound and Good Evening!

As promised this Afternoon here is the Preview of the Key Races we’re watching in South Carolina (The Palmetto State) on Election Night.

South Carolina (Key Races):

South Carolina Governor Race (Open)

Vincent Sheheen (D-South Carolina)  vs.  State Representative Nikki Haley (R-South Carolina)

South Carolina 5th Congressional District

Congressman John Spratt (D-SC)  vs.  State Senator Mick Mulvaney (D-SC)

Tonight: Preview for the Races in Vermont.

Daniel G.

Pakistani Journalists Call for End to U.S.-Pakistan Partnership…..


Continuing with the message I have posted this morning in the open thread….

The US and NATO’s chief problem in Pakistan is political will…

That countries political leaders are worried about a population that simply does not believe that Afghanis is it’s chief problem…

The US and maybe India is…

In the Woodward book the problem is laid out starkly in back and white…

This linked piece also explains it….

This is no way to win a war…..

You ally cutting off supplies to your troops because you go after bad guys on his doorstaep…

Not good….

Not good at all……ses…..

For better or worse, Pakistan has been the single most important U.S. partner in Afghanistan since the 1979 Soviet invasion. That relationship today hits what may be an all-time low, as Pakistan shuts down one of only two overland supply routes into Afghanistan in retaliation for an overt military incursion (probably by the U.S.) into Pakistani territory. But that’s not even the most alarming indication that Pakistan is losing interest in its generation-long, heavily subsidized partnership with the U.S. and NATO in Afghanistan. Pakistani journalists, part of the country’s vibrant, vocal, and typically pro-Western free press, are now openly wondering if allying with the U.S. may be no longer worthwhile.

Pakistani newspaper The Nation ran a staff editorial on Tuesday with the headline, “By Helping America, Pakistan Kills Itself.” The editorial called for Pakistan to “delink” from the U.S. “misguided ‘War On Terror'” for the “growing murder of Pakistanis by U.S. and NATO forces.” They cite the recent incursion as well as the rapidly accelerating program of U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, which are widely perceived as killing more civilians than militants. The paper lambastes the Pakistani government’s “eternal shame” for tolerating the U.S. behavior, which they say has “embolden[ed]” more killings of Pakistanis.

The Frontier Post, which is a less prominent daily but is mostly distributed in the strategically crucial Pakistan border region, called U.S. and NATO behavior “naked aggression against Pakistan.” They criticize the Pakistani government for not resisting the U.S. more, writing, “It’s high time that the Pakistani government wake up to the potential costs of its trickery with its own people.” Public opinion in Pakistan’s frontier “tribal regions” along the Afghanistan border is increasingly anti-American. According to a New American Foundation report, 90 percent oppose U.S. incursions into Pakistan and 70 percent say that Pakistan should not join with the U.S. in fighting militants. As anti-Americanism there rises…..More…