Retirement of Crown Vic Renews Competition for the Police Cars……..

Chrysler recently unveiled the Dodge Charger Pursuit — part of its aggressive plan to steal a share of the police market.

All I want to know is….

What the gas millage on these vehicles?

Chrysler unveiled Tuesday the first photo of its all-new police car based on the Dodge Charger — providing fresh evidence of a brewing police car war in which rival automakers have one main competitor in their sights: Ford.

Although U.S. law enforcement agencies buy just about 75,000 police vehicles a year — a small number compared with the more than 10.4 million cars and trucks bought by U.S. consumers last year — the sales are profitable, given all the high-tech gadgets and upgrades on police cars.

Ford has long dominated the police car market, capturing about three-fourths of all sales, and it plans to phase out its aging Crown Victoria police car next year. The Ford Crown Victoria, which battled image problems and lawsuits over gas tank explosions in rear-end collisions, will be replaced by a Taurus-based Police Interceptor and all-new SUV-based police vehicle.

But now, Chrysler has an aggressive plan to steal share in the police market and has given its Charger police car a fitting new name: the Dodge Charger Pursuit.

That’s not the only new entry, either. General Motors plans to launch a new Caprice police car next year. What’s more, Carbon Motors, a start-up based in Connersville, Ind., hopes to begin producing a police car — built solely for that purpose — called the E7 in 2013.

“With the Crown Vic being retired, I think that market share looks appealing to all three manufacturers,” said Brian Moran, a retired lieutenant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, who has served on both Ford and Chrysler police advisory boards……..More….

Pawlenty Orders Minnesota Not To Apply For Federal Health Care Reform Money….

Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN)

Didn’t this guy try this once before with not taking the Stimulus money?

What is the matter with him?

If this results in walking away from hundreds of millions of dollars of money…

He’s gonna have to relent…

For a second time…

If this guy makes it out of the GOP presidential sweepstakes …

It’s gonna be a sad, sad day….

Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) is taking a bold step among Republicans opposed to the new federal health care reform law. As his latest move, Pawlenty has issued an executive orderforbidding his state’s officials from applying for grant money from the new law.

Pawlenty’s order allows only applications for money that are required by law — which would seemingly mean that this is not a case of nullification, and falls short of such an extreme step — or approved by the governor’s office.

Pawlenty’s order contains various points of explanation, taken right from Republican arguments against the new law, such as: “WHEREAS, the Act represents a dramatic attempt to assert federal command and control over this country’s health care system, which accounts for one-sixth of our nation’s economy, thereby reducing individual freedom for health care decisions.”………More.….

President Obama’s speech to the Nation……Iraq War draw down…

From the New York Times….

President Obama declared an end on Tuesday to the seven-year American combat mission in Iraq, saying that the United States has met its responsibility to that country and that it is now time to turn to pressing problems at home.

In a prime-time address from the Oval Office, Mr. Obama balanced praise for the troops who fought and died in Iraq with his conviction that getting into the conflict had been a mistake in the first place. But he also used the moment to emphasize that he sees his primary job as addressing the weak economy and other domestic issues — and to make clear that he intends to begin disengaging from the war in Afghanistan next summer.

“We have sent our young men and women to make enormous sacrifices in Iraq, and spent vast resources abroad at a time of tight budgets at home,” Mr. Obama said. “Through this remarkable chapter in the history of the United States and Iraq, we have met our responsibility. Now, it’s time to turn the page.”

Seeking to temper partisan feelings over the war on a day when Republicans pointed out that Mr. Obama had opposed the troop surge generally credited with helping to bring Iraq a measure of stability, the president offered some praise for his predecessor,George W. Bush. Mr. Obama acknowledged their disagreement over Iraq but said that no one could doubt Mr. Bush’s “support for our troops, or his love of country and commitment to our security.”

Mr. Obama spoke for about 18 minutes, saying that violence would continue in Iraq and that the United States would continue to play a key role in nurturing a stable democracy there…….More

From the LA Times…..

President Obama marked the end of America’s combat mission in Iraq with an Oval Office speech Tuesday night, acknowledging the “huge price” paid and ushering in a new era in which a reduced U.S. military force will let Iraqis take the lead role in building a democratic society.

In a noteworthy concession to his political predicament on the domestic front, Obama devoted part of the prime-time speech to the ailing economy. He said the “central responsibility” of his presidency is reviving the economy, and he blamed massive spending on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — citing a figure of more than $1 trillion — for contributing to rising U.S. deficits.

“Our most urgent task is to restore our economy and put the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs back to work,” he said.

Obama praised the 1 million American troops who served in a seven-year war that he opposed as a U.S. senator from Illinois. As of this moment, he said, the military mission has fundamentally changed.

“So tonight, I am announcing that the American combat mission in Iraq has ended. Operation Iraqi Freedom is over, and the Iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country,” he said.

Obama added that the U.S. “has paid a huge price to put the future of Iraq in the hands of its people. We have sent our young men and women to make enormous sacrifices in Iraq, and spent vast resources abroad at a time of tight budgets at home.”……More….

Fox News……

President Obama praised President Bush’s commitment to U.S. troops Tuesday as he announced a close to combat operations in Iraq that he said cost America a “huge price.”

Speaking from the same desk where Bush launched the war, Obama cast the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom — demonstrated by the departure of 95,000 U.S. combat troops to a remaining force below 50,000 — as an opportunity for America to “turn the page,” both on American involvement in Iraq and American priorities at home, where the economy is still struggling to regain its footing.

“Operation Iraqi Freedom is over, and the Iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country,” the president said in a newly remodeled Oval Office. “Only Iraqis can resolve their differences and police their streets. Only Iraqis can build a democracy within their borders. What America can do, and will do, is provide support for the Iraqi people as both a friend and a partner.”

While not explicitly crediting Bush for shepherding the 2007 troop surge — planned by Gen. David Petraeus, now the top commander in Afghanistan — to save the flagging war effort in Iraq, Obama highlighted Bush’s commitment to U.S. security.

“It’s well known that he and I disagreed about the war from its outset,” Obama said. “Yet no one could doubt President Bush’s support for our troops, or his love of country and commitment to our security. As I have said, there were patriots who supported this war, and patriots who opposed it. And all of us are united in appreciation for our servicemen and women, and our hope for Iraq’s future.”…….More.…..

Daniel…Florida Governor: Independent Candidate Lawton Mainor “Bud” Chiles to drop out Thursday

Hello Dog Folks!

Well, we do have yet another BIG BREAKING NEWS Story. This time it comes the Sunshine State.

Multiple Sources in Florida confirming that Independent Governor Candidate Lawton Mainor “Bud” Chiles (I-FL) will drop out of the Florida Governor Race Thursday.

Daniel G.

Polls for Tuesday, August 31st, 2010…..PA, OH, NC, MN, CO……

From Politicalwire.Com…..

Tuesday, August 31
Race (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
Pennsylvania Senate – Sestak vs. Toomey Reuters/Ipsos Toomey 47, Sestak 37 Toomey +10
Pennsylvania Senate – Sestak vs. Toomey Rasmussen Reports Toomey 48, Sestak 42 Toomey +6
Ohio Senate – Portman vs. Fisher Rasmussen Reports Portman 47, Fisher 41 Portman +6
North Carolina Senate – Burr vs. Marshall PPP (D) Burr 43, Marshall 38 Burr +5
Pennsylvania Governor – Corbett vs. Onorato Reuters/Ipsos Corbett 49, Onorato 34 Corbett +15
Minnesota Governor – Emmer vs. Dayton vs. Horner Minn. Public Radio Dayton 34, Emmer 34, Horner 13 Tie
Colorado Governor – Maes vs. Hickenlooper vs. Tancredo Rasmussen Reports Hickenlooper 40, Maes 32, Tancredo 9 Hickenlooper +8
Colorado Governor – Maes vs. Hickenlooper vs. Tancredo Magellan Strategies (R) Hickenlooper 46, Maes 27, Tancredo 17 Hickenlooper +19

Daniel…..Alaska Senate; Republican Primary; BREAKING NEWS: Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) CONCEDES…..

Good Evening Dog Pound!

We’ve BREAKING NEWS out of Alaska. After a Day-long counting of Absentee Ballots Incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) just Moments ago CONCEDED Defeat in the Republican Primary to Attorney Joseph W. “Joe” Miller (R-AK).

Murkowski is the 3rd Senate Incumbent to lose Renomination this Election Cycle after Senators Robert “Bob” Bennett (R-Utah) and Arlen Specter (D-Pennsylvania)

Here are the latest Numbers from the Alaska Division of Elections

Alaska U.S. Senate

Republican Primary

Here is the Final Update from the Alaska Division of Elections and IT TELLS YOU pretty much why Murkowski pulled the Trigger:

Miller 52,988 Votes = 50,78 %
Murkowski 51,358 Votes = 49,22 %

Here is the DEAL:

1. When the counting started this morning in Alaska (Local Time) Miller was ahead by 1,668 Votes.

2. When the counting ended (Alaska Local Time) Miller is ahead by 1,630 Votes which mean that Murkowski just netted 38 Votes over the course of the Day.


Daniel G.

An answer to Jack’s 3:35 post today…..On what is similar between the Iraq and Afghan war campaign’s…


The US is trying to do the same thing in Afghanistan that they did in Iraq….

That is……
The US military trying to buy time by trying to stabilize the violence in the countries….. so that the country can calm down…
And resume without a war going on…..with security, building and services while trying to create an army to fight IT’S OWN BATTLES…..

This has more or less worked in Iraq…..for now*…….Afghanstain is whole other manner…the governmenet is corrupt….and it’s people don’t trust it….The US certainly doesn’t either…

And Afghanistan …outside the few major cities has and entirely different political system…
Afghan’s seem to be more closely aligned with their local area….
The concept of a strong central government (What the US is pushing for is a foreign concept )

Iraq, in the end….. will probably be run as three states within the country as a whole….The Kurds, Northern Iraq and Southern Iraq…..The breakdown of area’s is by sect….

Afghanistan…will be anyone’s guess

* Iraq’s present problem is it has not been able to form a governmenet…..The fight between Sunni and Shia Muslims continues even after Saddam is gone….

The Kurds are doing their own thing without the violence and bloodshed……

Everybody on the ground in that country is waiting for what will happen in the end

CD…..My 2010 Governors Mansion predictions…..

Texas-My Homestate
Perry (R-inc.): 56
White (D)-41 or 43

TOSS-UP between Brown and Whitman, minority turnout will be key in Southern CA

Beebe (D-inc.)-64
Keet (R)-30

Barnes (D)-50
Deal (R)-49

Sink (D)-39
Scott (R)-30
Chiles, III (Ind)-18: he’s likely taking votes from both Sink and Scott, the nasty GOP primary proved just that.

Brady (R)-49
Quinn (D-inc.,)-39: Lisa Madigan, the current State AG is plotting a 2014 gubernatorial bid, so whoever wins this year is ONE AND DONE in 4 years, write it down.

NY State
Cuomo (D)-70
GOP nominee (R)-29

Patrick (D-inc.,)-49

South Carolina
Haley (R)-59
Shaheen (D)-41

Fallin (R)-51
Askins (D)-49: it’s gonna be close.

New Mexico
Denish (D)-54
Martinez (R)-46: the New Mex., Dems are coming home to Denish fast.

Hickenlooper (D)-47
Maes (R)-29
Tancredo (Ind)-24

Kitzhaber (D)-55
Dudley (R)-45: Oregon Dems have controlled governor’s mansion since 1986.

Abercrombie or Hanemann (D)-65
Aiona (R)-35

Continue reading CD…..My 2010 Governors Mansion predictions…..

Boehner: GOP majority still an ‘uphill climb’…..

I’m posting this to remind everyone…..

There is NO pollster that has admitted that the GOP will definitively win the House and Senate…

EVERYBODY says there is a chance….

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) (the orange guy ) is cautioning everyone that his party is not there……

“We’ve got real opportunity,” Boehner said during an appearance on the conservative Sean Hannity radio show.

The top House Republican cautioned, though, that winning back the House is not a foregone conclusion.

Boehner’s continued measured optimism comes against a backdrop in which indicators are increasingly pointing toward the prospect of significant GOP victories this fall.

On Monday, a Gallup poll showed Republicans with an “unprecedented” 10-point advantage in its latest survey testing a generic congressional ballot; in a summary, Gallup suggested the potential for a “major ‘wave’ election'” in which the GOP takes back the House.

Fifty-one percent of registered voters said they would vote for a Republican if the election were held today, versus 41 percent who would elect a Democrat. This marked the largest lead of the election cycle, and the largest since Gallup began tracking the generic ballot in 1942.

Republicans enjoyed five-point advantages in similar polls in the run-up to the 1994 elections, when the GOP seized the majority, and 2002, when the party made significant gains.

Boehner — who in April said he believed there is no seat the GOP cannot win during this election cycle — was somewhat cautious about the polls, saying that “all the polls don’t win elections.”……


(Highlighting by the Dog )

How about taking care of the Iraqi’s that took care us?

I did a post on this before…

From day one…..

There have been Iraqi’s that have taken care of this country and out=r men and women in their country…

We are and should be thankful…

Now it’s time to return the favor…

Iraqi’s who want to emigrate to the US  that have been helpful to this country and it’s interests should be treated by the US bureaucracy …..

Like red headed, step children….

They should be able to be processed in an orderly timely manner….

Take care of the one’s who helped us….

Nuff said!

AS the United States ends combat operations in Iraq today, it is leaving behind the thousands of Iraqis who worked on behalf of the American government — and who fear their lives and families are threatened by insurgents as a result.

In 2008 Congress significantly expanded a program that provided these Iraqis with visas to immigrate to the United States. But in the intervening years, the program has proven to be a bureaucratic failure. Unless we improve the resettlement process for our Iraqi allies, their lives will continue to be in danger long after the last American soldier has returned home.

The basic problem with the program, called the special immigrant visa, is that it treats applicants — many of whom are on the run and often facing death threats — as if they were being audited by the Internal Revenue Service.

First, to apply for a visa Iraqis have to get a letter of clearance from the American Embassy, a step that can involve bizarre requirements: for example, the embassy has at times asked applicants who were low-level employees of major contractors to list all contracts between their former employers and the American government, information they almost certainly don’t have.

The process also throws up unexpected hurdles. Minor issues — like whether the applicant provides two letters of recommendation or one letter that is co-signed, or whether the letter comes on the appropriate letterhead — have delayed applications for months.

Embassy approval is just the first step. The applicant must then send the paperwork through the unreliable Iraqi postal service to Nebraska — a challenge in its own right — and then go through two more similarly bureaucratic approval rounds, each with different government entities.

A single stage can take months to complete, and applicants receive little word in the meantime about where they stand. One senior State Department official said at a recent hearing that the program is more difficult for applicants to navigate than the refugee process it was supposed to bypass.


Daniel….Sports; Sailing: 34th America’s Cup Press Conference to be held Sept. 13th in Valencia

Hello Dog Folks!

It looks like the City of San Francisco could play host to the 34th America’s Cup Match.

(Courtesy of 33rd America’s Cup Defender BMW Oracle Racing)
Organizers for the 34th America’s Cup plan on September 13 to host a press conference in Valencia to reveal three of the four cornerstones of the next competition:

  • The year in which it will be held
  • The new Class of Boat for the competition
  • The competition rules (The Protocol)

The objective for the 34th America’s Cup has been to create the fairest-ever competition, sustainable to teams and their partners with transformed racing to attract the widest possible audience for an event planned for either 2013 or 2014.

A new, dynamic and exciting class of boat will be revealed. The year of the 34th America’s Cup Match will also be confirmed.

Negotiations over the host city venue – the fourth cornerstone – continue, but organizers are confident of making an announcement ahead of the December 31 objective.

The Protocol is now finalized and will be formally signed by the defending Golden Gate Yacht Club and the Challenger of Record, Club Nautico di Roma, in a live-streamed ceremony on the official America’s Cup web site

WHAT: 34th America’s Cup Press Conference

WHY: 34th America’s Cup year, Protocol and new class of boat announced

WHEN: September 13, 2010

TIME: 1300 CET

WHERE: BMW ORACLE Racing Team Base, Port America’s Cup, Valencia, Spain

WHO: Russell Coutts (CEO BMW ORACLE Racing Team) Vincenzo Onorato (syndicate head of Challenger of Record, Mascalzone Latino)

Huh, looks like we get a pretty BIG Sporting Event in the US pretty soon.

Daniel G.