Pink gets the "Best Act of the Night" Award from us…….

Pink performs at the 2010 Grammy Awards

Everyone in my house stood transfixed at the second part of Pink’s performance at the Grammy’s……her high in the air act…..while singing… heels……and then wet……was the tour de’ force for the night……bar none…..

And she stuck the landing……….

At the MTV Video Music Awards last fall, Pink stuck a sparkly heart to her bosom and soared through the air like an acrobat as she busted out a rendition of “Sober.” At the Grammys on Sunday night (January 31), the pop star stayed closer to the ground — at least in the beginning — but delivered no less of a memorable performance.

Sauntering slowly onstage through a haze of electric-blue screens, Pink wore a silky white robe that covered her head to toe, save for a plunging neckline that revealed a lot of skin. Singing “Glitter in the Air” from her Funhouse album, she made her way down the stage stairs and into the aisle.

Once there, Pink dropped the robe to reveal a sort-of sheer bodysuit that was essentially just a series of white straps covering strategic areas while leaving almost nothing to the imagination. As she had at the VMAs, Pink brought her circus act to the Grammys. With dancers twisting above her, Pink climbed into a white sheet and was lifted into the air. High above the stage, she spun in circles and continued to sing.

As the song built up, water began to pour from above, soaking Pink as she kept twirling and held herself in place with nothing but a well-flexed leg. The song wrapped up with Pink spinning upside down and spraying water in all directions.

The audience at the Staples Center greeted her with a standing ovation. Pink then hustled offstage, perhaps to dry off. The singer still had a long night ahead of her. She’s still in consideration for one of her two Grammys nominations — Best Female Pop Vocal Performance — against Beyoncé and Katy Perry.

Damn….That girl got skills………

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The Zeigeist ( economic data ) for the week of February 1……

The Zeigeist ( economic data ) for the week of February 1……

Obama Average Job Approval   47.6%

Obama Favorability   52.7%

Right Direction / Wrong Track   34.9% / 59.1%

Congressional Approval   18.4%

Standard & Poor’s

S&P 5001    073.87 (up 239 points since 1/20/09)

National Federation of Independent Businesses

Small Business Optimism Index    88.0 (down 0.3% from November)

ABC News/Washington Post

Consumer Comfort Index    48 points below zero

U.S. Department of Labor

Initial Weekly Jobless Claims    470,000 (down 115,000 since 1/20/09)

Interest on 30-Year Fixed Mortgage   5.13%


Newly foreclosed properties in December   349,519

U.S. Department of Labor

Unemployment   10.0%

U.S. Department of Labor

Consumer Price Index   +0.1 in December

Mortgage Bankers Association

Quarterly Delinquency9.64%

National Association of Realtors

Sales of Existing Homes, Annual Rate (Monthly   )5.45 million in December (down 16.7% from November)

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No Snooki 'pouf' at the Grammy's…….


Expect to see some fist pumping at the Grammys.

Jersey Shore stars Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino were among the MTV reality stars who hit the red carpet Sunday in Los Angeles.

I don’t really think so……These two are rookies there……..

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Barack Obama at the Duke and Georgetown game….doing analysis…..on video

Oh, Snap…he’s got the earphones on….and is hanging with the announcers……

Note:……Obama’s body man Reggie Love played for Duke……

Best line…….“You have any problems going to your right?” ………”I just went to the Republican house caucus the other day”………

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CNN's Candy Crowley get's the John King 'State of Union' Sunday spot……

Candy Crowley

Candy Crowley will succeed John King as anchor of CNN\’s Sunday morning program, “State of the Union.”

King announced the selection of Crowley shortly before 10AM ET on-air. He will anchor a 7PM newscast on the network, a replacement for “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” which went off the air in November.

“Candy’s rare combination of shrewd insight and healthy irreverence for the games politicians play has made her one of the most honored political journalists and a cult figure among CNN viewers,” CNN/US President Jon Klein said in an announcement. “Every Sunday she’ll translate Washington-speak into plain English that every American can understand, as she has been doing better than any reporter on the beat for decades.”

We here at the Dog….. wish her the best………

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Quotes from the Grammy's………

A sampling of quotes from Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

”I just keep thinking back to when you’re in second grade and you sing at your talent show the first time and people joke around and they say, ‘Oh, maybe we’ll see you at the Grammys someday.’ That just seems like an impossible dream. I just feel like I’m standing here accepting an impossible dream right now and I thank you so much for that.” — Taylor Swift, accepting the Grammy for best country album for ”Fearless.”

”You may be the coolest people in the world. This year your industry was saved by a 48-year-old Scottish cat lady in sensible shoes,” said host Stephen Colbert, referring to Susan Boyle.


”I love ‘Breathe’ with Taylor (Swift) but I’ve been performing ‘Lucky’ with Jason (MRaz) all over the world in the past year so I’m glad that’s what won.” — Colbie Caillat.


”I want to collaborate with Common, who I met yesterday and I freaked out when I met. … he said he wanted to work with me, too, so I’m very excited about that.” — Colbie Caillat on future collaborations.


”If you put this in a machine, you can hear past Grammy winners.” — Jason Mraz commenting on the eco-friendly tuxedo he wore, made from recycled polyester and a tie made from old cassette tapes.


”This is a Christmas album, so obviously I should thank Jesus Christ.” — Stephen Colbert accepting his award for Best Comedy Album for his work, ”A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!”


”I came to the United States in 1978 with a bag full of dreams, running away from the war in my country, Nicaragua, and here I am. So dreams do come true. I want to dedicate this Grammy to all the people in my country still struggling to make a better life.” — Luis Enrique, winner of the Best Tropical Latin Album.


”This is my first Grammy you guys! I mean, This is a Grammy. I live in awe of the people I was nominated against in this category.” — Taylor Swift, after winning a Grammy for Best Solo Female Country Vocal for the song ”White Horse.”


”I’m not going to lie, we’re all a little drunk. But we’re happy drunks.” — Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon, accepting award for record of the year.

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Beermigration Policy from Maxim…….

From Maxim…….

As the sun sets on 2009, we take time salute this year’s 5 best new-to-the-U.S. brews. 100 percent commie free!

Palm Belgian Beer

1. Palm (Belgium)
Style: Amber ale
Light but full-flavored. Way chuggable. The Maxim staff’s favorite new foreigner.

Lhasa Tibetan Beer

2. Lhasa (Tibet)
Style: Lager
You’ll find enlightenment after a few bottles of this Sherpa sauce. Also, a portion of its price goes to the non-profit education and health care groups.

La Goudale French Beer

3. La Goudale (France)
Style: Bière de garde
Wash down your freedom fries with this awesome French beer.

Steenbrugge Tripel Belgian Beer

4. Steenbrugge Tripel (Belgium)
Style: Abbey
Once made by Belgian monks. Skip church? Drink this, and still get into heaven.*

*“Not really.”—God

Biera Moretti Italian Beer

5. Biera Moretti (Italy)
Style: Pils

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Merlin on the Deleware Senate race……

Hello Dog!

I just received BREAKING NEWS out of Delaware. The Blog “Delaware Liberal” reports that New Castle County Executive Christopher A. Coons (D-DE) will be running for U.S. Senate against Republican Michael N. Castle (R-DE)

Coons announced at a “State of the Union” Watch Party this week.

My guess is that a formal Announcement will be coming the upcoming week.


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Brandon points out…..The TARP money will really kick in 2011….right before the 2012 presidential election….

Here’s Brandon’s post…….

…….remember we talked about excessive spending in election years? check out the chart here at <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>, a bit down under “Overview of funding”.
The bill was for two years right? and they’ve just spent about 1/4 by now?? what kind of insane boost are gonna happen right before midterms?

Damn if Brandon isn’t right……

Check the link.…..

Of the Tax benefits…..$92.8B of $288B has been allocated….

Of Contracts, Grants and Loans……$73.2B of $275B has been allocated…..

Of Entillements……$102.8B of $224B has been allocated……..

That leaves a whole on money  in Tax Benefits, Contracts, Grants, Loans and Entitlements out standing to be moved in the next two years…..

Good call Brandon……We just have to remember this…..

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"Audacity to Win"….a book review from talkandpolitcs…….

We are happy to add another source to our everwidening site……This one is Talkandpolitics ….

This piece is on the new political director for the White House  David Plouffe…and his new bookAudacity to Win…..

Time for a little book review here at Talkandpolitics.!

This time it’s the book from David Plouffe, the Obama Campaign manager and political consultant who was reluctantly talked into taking the job – of building a start-up organization pushing a largely unknown young senator from Illinois to become the first African-American president of the United States of all time. In retrospect an unprecedented achievement and a transforming incident in the early years of a new century – and still an ongoing development in a very young presidency.

So we started out with quite high expectations of Plouffe’s written account of the Obama campaign – both in terms of analysis and reflections on the nature of campaigns, and as a close-up of the people involved. In this respect, the book actually became a stretch and maybe a bit disappointing. The people remained remote and cartoonlike, and it was little added to the campaign that we didn’t know already. But a few highlights there were – so let’s run through them.

First, the personalities. One of my favorites was the notoriously gaffy Joe Biden, who when first approached by the vetting team plunged into a twenty minute soliloquy about why he didn’t want to be a veep after thirty-six years in the Senate, and at the same time pushing his case, having changed his mind about Obama and adding real value. Pure tactics, but fun.

The campaign staff of Plouffe, Gibbs and Ax (David Axelrod) were also fun to follow, all equally excited about the unlikeliness and momentum of the project. Ax is potrayed as a likable messy person spilling food into his gadgets, dislocating things, but with a strategic mind and mostly putting things straight. Their relations to the candidate are scarcely revealed, there are some cheers, some snaps – but mostly remote and rational interaction.

Other issues were the fear and respect of Hillary Clinton, which runs through several turning points – and the entrance of Sarah Palin which really messes things up for a while – even though she boosts the Obama campaign funding. Which plays into the maybe biggest factor for the campaign success – webfunding and new technology – raising a whopping $750 million. Many factors in concert – but still – no internet, likely no president Obama.

Another interesting little trivia in the book is the upfront education of NY Times’ chief national political correspondent Adam Nagourney and his staff about delegate math. A few phonecalls from Plouffe, and the whole picture changed, tipping a lot of superdelegates and turning the race. Not sure how the Times feels about this story being published though.

But all in all – it’s an okay read and a nice replay of the magic and emotions of the campaign race of 2008. As Plouffe is back on board just this week, it adds some value to the book, learning about his style and philosophy. He’s a wizard with media and message – which might seemed to have shaped some of the SotU speech and midterm strategies already. We could probably expect more of Plouffe-style communication in the coming three years of this presidency, which should be better for all parts moving forward.

Have a great week-end!


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Healthcare deal was almost done….why can't they just do it and move on?…..

This from PoliticalWire……

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) “said negotiators from the White House, Senate and House reached a final deal on health care reform days before Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts,” according to The Hill.

“The latest revelation shows how agonizingly close Democrats came to passing a final health care bill in time for President Obama’s State of the Union address.”

Kevin Drum: “The bad news: this means that if Democrats had taken this stuff even slightly more seriously, healthcare reform would already be a done deal. Idiots. The good news: if negotiations really were complete, it should mean that creating a reconciliation deal to accompany passage of the existing Senate bill ought to be fairly easy. A few parts would probably have to be jettisoned since they wouldn’t be allowed under reconciliation rules, but that’s life. The vast bulk of the compromise would stay in place and just needs to be turned into legislative language.”

I have said the same thing for the last two weeks…just do it….Things will die down…Just get it done…….

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AVATAR goes thru $2 Billion in box office receipts after 7 weeks….

“Avatar” passed the $2 billion mark in world-wide grosses and remained number one at the weekend box office for the seventh straight week.

Today, after just 45 days of release, the Fox sci-fi epic reached $2.039 billion in world-wide grosses, pushing its record mark still higher, according to early estimates from

“Avatar” took in $30 million this weekend and has now grossed $594,472,387 domestically and is on track to topple “Titanic” ($600.8 million) as the top grossing domestic film in history.

“Edge of Darkness” (Warner Bros.), the new thriller starring Mel Gibson, finished second at this weekend’s box office with $17.1 million.

“When in Rome” (Disney), a comedy with Kristen Bell that was panned by critics, placed third with $12.1 million.

Paul Dergarabedian, president of the box-office division of, said via email that “Avatar’s” $2 billion-plus world-wide gross was “formerly unthinkable.” He predicted that “Avatar” would surpass “Titanic’s” domestic gross record later in the week.

For a chart looking at all-time box office rankings adjusted for inflation, go here.

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Florida Governor Crist denies that Flights of Sick Haitians have been stopped…..

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (R) this weekend fired back at reports that the U.S. military had stopped flying critically ill Haitian earthquake victims to his state.

While The New York Times and other media outlets reported this weekend military leaders had suspended those flights last week, Crist told ABC’s “Good Morning America Weekend” that it was his “understanding” that those transports actually continued. The governor later added he did not have “authority to stop military flights, nor would we want to,” even if the news were true.

“So, it’s all hands on deck here in the Sunshine State,” Crist continued. “We’re welcoming Haitians with open arms and probably done more than any other state and happy to continue to do so.”

Fueling confusion this weekend seems to be a letter Crist wrote to the Department of Health and Human Services last Wednesday. In it, he asked Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to activate the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) — a program that would distribute “medically ill patients to other states and ensure states are appropriately reimbursed for their services,” he explained in the letter.

Crist at the time stressed the NDMS declaration was essential, given the immense financial pressure the Haitian relief had imposed on his state. He later told ABC that Florida has so far shouldered about $7.1 million of the relief burden, and that hospitals were slowly nearing their capacity.

Crist is doing the right thing by asking for the National Disaster Medical System to be activated……

Update……..Florida Governor Crist appears to be wrong……the flight’s where stopped for 5 days because of logistical problems?……Anyways….they will be resuming shortly.…. Within 12 hours………….

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As expected…..Scott Brown comes out as moderate Republican……

I told you so!

The newly elected Senator from Massachusetts, ever mindful of the fact that he has to survive at home in a completely democratic state, has made these facts and policies clear…..

Newly elected Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) on Sunday signaled he would not serve as his party’s strict, unwavering 41st vote.
While “41” once served as Brown’s campaign mantra — a label synonymous with his opposition to Democrats’ healthcare reform — he seemed to suggest during an interview on Sunday that he would break with the Republicans on key economic and social issues, including abortion and an upcoming spending freeze.“It’s cute now,” Brown told ABC’s “This Week.” “But everyone really is the 41st senator. And what it means is that now there will be full and fair debate. And there will be no more behind closed doors actions.”

“And make no mistake, I am a fiscal conservative,” he added. “And when it comes to issues affecting people’s pockets, and pocketbooks and wallets, I’ll be with the Republicans if they are in fact pushing those initiatives.”

Brown later outlined a few of those specific issues on which he might break with his own party. Notably, he said Sunday he was mostly pro-choice, though he added he would oppose any measure granting federal funds for use on abortions.

The issue “is best handled between a woman and her doctor and her family,” Brown explained, noting Congress had to do more to decrease the frequency of abortions and approve adoption services.

The new senator also signaled he would support the president’s forthcoming plan to offer tax credits to businesses that hire new workers or enlarge paychecks for those they already employ. A number of Republicans have expressed doubts about that proposal, fearing it will not spur the uptick in hiring that Democrats allege.

If the Democrats had to have a seat go Republican…..Scott Brown was the one…..There is going to be some wiggle room there…

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Will the Gitmo Five be tried in NYC…or not?……

For the past few days the media has proclaimed that the trials will be moved from the Federal CourtHouse in downtown New York City….This possoble move….as everything since the ‘Scott Brown effectr’ kicked in may have a political side to it……

The Hill…the Paper and website has a piece out today saying the White House STILL wants the trial held in New York…..

If one goes back and carefully checks all the media stories one will find that the United States Department of Justice has not indicated in any way shape or form the trial will actually be moved……

You will see all sorts of quotes…from unnamed sources….but no…..”we will move the trial”….from anyone…..

And I think that’s because the political thing has kicked in at the White House…not Justice……someone in one the meetings on this ….has pushed back and surely said…..’the Mayor of the City of New York doesn’t tell the Federal Government what to do…and when…’

and of course…that’s correct…..and judging by the two links I’ve provided in this piece…..the feelings are divided……

Sure businesses are going to lose money…and downtown New York is gonna be locked down…..but alot of people also want the trials to go on…in the City so that they can see the results ……

My guess is they will probably go somewhere else…..

But you never know…..

The political side might just say…..We’re the government and WE decide where we do this…….



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Merlin on Tennis 'Superman' Roger Federer…and his Australian Open Win……

Hello Dog !

Swiss Native and Tennis “Superman” Roger Federer has won the Australian Open for a fourth time!.

He also recorded a Record 16th Gran Slam Title. Federer beat Scotland Native Andy Murray in straight Sets 6:3, 6:4, 7:6 (13-11). In the first 2 Sets Federer really demolished Murray playing too aggressive for the Scottish.

In the 3rd Set Federer’s playing Level sunk a little and Murray had his Chances. Murray was up a Break at 5:3 and serving when Federer stormed back. The Set eventually was decided in a very close Tie-Break with Federer winning on his Third Match Point when Murray netted a backhand.

Federer will remain as No 1 for the next few months. Federer’s Main Rival Rafael Nadal will drop to No 4 when new Rankings are published on Monday. Nadal also won’t play for the next month after sustaining an knee injury in his Quarterfinal Match against Murray which eventually forced him to retire.

The new ATP World Tour Rankings coming out tomorrow will be as followed:

1. Roger Federer (Switzerland)  11.350 Points

2. Novak Djokovic (Serbia)  8.310 Points

3. Andy Murray (Great Britain)  7.800 Points

4. Rafael Nadal (Spain)  7.670 Points


Congradulations to both of you guys……..

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