Polling Update for September 29, 2016….Post Debate….Clinton polling up 3% to 5%….

…..’Four national polls have been conducted entirely since the debate: They have Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by 5 percentage points, 4 points, 3 points and 1 point. There’s also a new national tracking poll from the New Orleans Times-Picayune conducted mostly since the debate, and that has Clinton up 5 points. Considering that the 1-point lead was from Rasmussen Reports, which typically produces Republican-leaning results, the polls show a reasonably clear consensus so far of Clinton being up by 3 to 5 points nationally.

If that’s where the numbers wind up settling, that would reflect a meaningful bounce for Clinton, who was ahead by just 1 or 2 points nationally before the debate and in a tenuous position in key Electoral College states, such as Pennsylvania and Colorado.’….

More from Nate Silver @ Five Thirty Eight…..

Thursday, September 29

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

Rasmussen Reports

Clinton 42, Trump 41, Johnson 7, Stein 2     Clinton +1

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

LA Times/USC Tracking

Clinton 43, Trump 47     Trump +4

California: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein


Clinton 59, Trump 33, Johnson 3, Stein 2     Clinton +26

Missouri: Trump vs. Clinton

Remington Research (R)*

Trump 49, Clinton 39     Trump +10

South Carolina: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein


Trump 42, Clinton 38, Johnson 6, Stein 3     Trump +4

California Senate – Harris vs. Sanchez


Harris 40, Sanchez 29    Harris +11

Missouri Governor – Greitens vs. Koster

Remington Research (R)

Koster 51, Greitens 35     Koster +16

President Obama Job Approval


Approve 51, Disapprove 45     Approve +6

President Obama Job Approval

Rasmussen Reports

Approve 51, Disapprove 47     Approve +4

…for more info on the above polls.Real Clear Politics….

…from Politicalwire…..

Colorado: Clinton 46%, Trump 40%, Johnson 6% (PPP)

Florida: Clinton 45%, Trump 43%, Johnson 3% (PPP)

North Carolina: Clinton 44%, Trump 42%, Johnson 7% (PPP)

Pennsylvania: Clinton 45%, Trump 39%, Johnson 6% (PPP)

Virginia: Clinton 46%, Trump 40%, Johnson 7% (PPP)

South Carolina: Trump 42%, Clinton 38% (Winthrop)

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Open Thread for Sept. 22, 2016… Donald Trump IS running out of Time….

Image result for Clinton/trump

Donald J. Trump  being Trump made a batch of bad moves in the last two weeks just as his poll numbers had started to look better….While Trump had some Democrats worried with his polling climb…..

Trump just HAS to BE Trump…..

That  has resulted in Trump’s jump up in the polls seemingly coming to an end as Clinton’s General Election numbers seem to be climbing….

That adage floated during the GOP primaries that Trump is NOT able to get support much past  40% of the voter’s is  probably correct….

The Democrats are  starting to bear down on their ‘Get Out the Vote’ push….

Trump has no such effort….

Trump is now hiding from the Media except for Fox News….(He has the Washington Post STEADILY on his case….)


While people are ALREADY voting.….

Clinton’s poll numbers are getting better….

The clock IS already running on the election vote ….


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Conservative Evangelicals aren’t happy with the GOP nominee…But some WILL vote for him anyways…

They where soldily behind Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz….

But Cruz lost his run for the Republican nominatiopn coming in behind Donald Trump….

While a LOT of the Conservative media STILL isn’t happy with Trump….

Some  Conservatives Evangelicals are holding their noses and saying they’ll vote for Trump….The guy who dissed their guy and his father and last week said he’d vote FOR Trump…..

On air, the radio hosts suggested that the Odgaards’ story showed that Americans were developing a double standard on the notion of tolerance. “I just wish that this tolerance went across the board for Christian businesses,” said one host, Frank Thomas Holzhauser, who on air calls himself Frank (the Verse) Thomas — a nod to his facility with Scripture.

When the show ended, the hosts debated the election. Only Mr. Holzhauser said he was certain he would vote for Mr. Trump, but he admitted it had caused him to lose some friends who “can’t stomach Trump.”

The others said they had not decided how they would vote. None had supported Mr. Trump in the Iowa caucuses. Mr. McKoy and Chris Rohloff had supported Senator Marco Rubio, Mr. Holzhauser had favored Ben Carson, and Bob Monserrate had backed Mr. Cruz. Mr. Rohloff said he had thought that Mr. Trump was finished last year, the moment he said at a candidates’ forum in Iowa that he had never asked God for forgiveness.

“Everyone in the room just went, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Even if you’ve never done it, you should at least know the right answer,” Mr. Rohloff said. “That’s a fundamental thing for Christians.”

But by late September, Mr. McKoy said in a telephone interview that he and his co-hosts had decided to vote Trump: “It’s the lesser of two evils. And I don’t know by how much.”


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Trump extend’s his sexism to Women Reporters covering him on the road…

Anybody surprised at this?

What I do NOT understand is why ANY Woman would vote for this guy….

Image result for trump and katy tur

Donald Trump’s relationship with women has been under scrutiny for as long as he’s been in the public eye — which is to say, for decades. But since launching his presidential bid, some of his remarks to and about women — that letting them work is “dangerous,” that pregnancy is an “inconvenience” to business, or that they should be “punished” for getting abortions — have worked their way into the narrative of his campaign. (Just yesterday, his own campaign manager accidentally referred to his record on women as “abuse.”) His comments have not endeared him to women voters. But for the women whose job it is to report on Trump every day, the negative effects have been subtler.

One of the first people to interview him after his formal announcement was MSNBC’s Katy Tur. Tur called their 29-minute exchange in the lobby of Trump Tower “combative” and said that when the cameras turned off he was “furious.” According to an essay Tur wrote for Marie Claire, Trump told her, “You couldn’t do this. You stumbled three times.”

Over the course of his campaign, Trump’s insults toward Tur have become more pointed — he’s called her “little Katy” on more than one occasion, and when she pressed him on his apparent appeal to Russian hackers, he told her to “sit down.” He’s done the same to other women on the trail, calling CNN’s Sarah Murray “unemotional” and, just last week, Maureen Dowd “wacky” and a “neurotic dope.”


Image of MSNBC’s Katy Tur interviewing Donald Trump…Marieclarie.com

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Vice Presidential Guys debate this Monday, Oct 4th….

Only die-hard political junkies will be tuning I  suppose ….

But Tim Kaine and Mike Pence will get their one and only chance to go at it in Virgina….

Image result for pence/kaine

Following the record-setting first presidential debate on Monday, the vice presidential candidates are set to go head to head in a moderated forum on Oct. 4 as scheduled by the debate commission. Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will lay out their competing visions for America, while viewers weigh their options in the tightening race between the Democrat and Republican hopefuls.

What time is it on?

The debate is scheduled to broadcast from 9 to 10:30 p.m. EDT at Longwood University in Farmville, VA. The school has more than 700 volunteers preparing to host the VP hopefuls.

How can I watch?

You can see the clash happen live on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, C-SPAN and the cable news channels. You can also stream it online at YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Who will moderate?

CBS News’ Elaine Quijano is set to moderate, after both Lester Holt and Matt Lauer of NBC were scrutinized for appearing to grill one candidate harder than the other….


image of Mike Pence and Tim Kaine…WTKR.com

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Michelle Obama hugging George W Bush…..

“As someone who doesn’t do a lot of politics, the first lady has a particularly powerful voice for undecided voters and she has a particular appeal with young people,” Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri said during a gaggle on Hillary’s plane between events. “But it’s not limited to young people. And we saw in the convention, she takes the argument for why Hillary’s the right person for our kids to a high moral ground that is very compelling.”


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Trump to try run against Clinton’s Foundation?…WTF about HIS?..What about HIS Taxes?

The Trump campaign is really in another world….

Reports of them thinking of going negative against Hillary and Bill Clinton for their Foundation, which HAS moved money, aid, serives and supplies to those in need and NOT paid the Clinton is to be compared to Trump’s which has done little except PAY Trump and His Family seems a bit unbelievable …..

Donald Trump’s campaign is signaling that its new, post-first-debate message will be an attack on Hillary Clinton’s finances, under the catchphrase “Follow the money.” This is probably Trump’s most fruitful avenue of attack. The Clinton Foundation has created appearances of a conflict of interest, and the Clintons’ policy of accepting speaking fees from any source as long as the check would clear the bank has tarnished her image, and months of bashing at the hands of Bernie Sanders left her branded in the mind of many young liberals as a handmaiden of Wall Street.

And yet the notion that a voter ought to support Trump over Clinton on grounds of financial ethics or transparency is insane. Trump is corrupt on a world-historic scale. Andrew Prokop’s summary merely skims the surface of a career that has left hardly any rule or norm of business conduct un-violated. It is not only Trump’s history of misconduct, or even his ongoing abuse of his foundation for personal gain, but his astonishing promise, if elected, to continue to abuse his power to enrich himself by having his children manage his branded business that he will enhance via public office.

Even if none of that were true, it remains the case that Trump has shattered modern precedent by refusing to disclose his tax returns. How on Earth can a candidate run on the slogan “Follow the money” while stonewalling any questions about his own money? The only possible context in which this makes sense is a myopic, context-free focus on Clinton’s ethical shortcomings, combined with the assumption that Trump’s dangerous lunacy amounts to some kind of independence from big moneyed interests….



It appears that Trump’s foundation doesn’t have a license to solicit money….It has’t EVER had one ….

Donald Trump’s charitable foundation — which has been sustained for years by donors outside the Trump family — has never obtained the certification that New York requires before charities can solicit money from the public, according to the state attorney general’s office….


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Hillary Clinton goes campaigning with Bernie Sanders…

Who out there thought Bernie wouldn’t do the ‘Right Thing?’

Will his supporters follow his call to come out and vote for Clinton?

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton spoke to young

Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Wednesday alongside her one-time primary opponent Bernie Sanders, leaning on his popularity and progressive credentials to shore up her support among younger voters….

Mr. Sanders has emerged as a critical part of the Clinton campaign’s strategy to shore up her flagging support among younger voters in the race against Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Mrs. Clinton is winning younger voters in most polls, but is falling short of President Barack Obama’s 2012 level of support. A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll this month shows Mrs. Clinton leading Mr. Trump among voters under 30 by 16 percentage points. Mr. Obama won that demographic group by 23 points in 2012.

In response, her campaign has deployed surrogates such as Mr. Sanders, first lady Michelle Obama and progressive favorite Sen. Elizabeth Warren. During the primary season, Mr. Sanders assembled a coalition of liberals, young people, working-class whites and rural voters to stay in the race. Mrs. Clinton won the primary by trouncing Mr. Sanders among nonwhite voters, a key part of the Democratic coalition….


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Congress already mumbling about changes to the 9/11 Bill it just overrode Obama’s veto….

The President’s misgivings about the effect of the bill on future American actions has caused several legislators to consider amending the bill and watering it down….

With Congress overriding President Obama for the first time, lawmakers in both parties are already eyeing changes to the law at the heart of the showdown.

The Senate voted 97-1 to override the president’s veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), but a bipartisan group of senators indicated Wednesday that they remain concerned about potential retaliation against Americans.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said lawmakers need to make sure they didn’t open “Pandora’s box” and reassure Saudi Arabia that Congress isn’t “finding them guilty of 9/11.”

“I think the things we can do that would preserve the right to sue here in America … but also minimize the exposure we have overseas,” he added. “We need to think hard about how to modify this bill.”

Graham, who supported the veto override, estimated that approximately 20 senators currently support changing the bill, something he thinks could happen as soon as the end-of-year lame-duck session….


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More US Military ‘Advisors’ going to Iraq….

At the ‘request’ of the Iraqi Government?

The President has approved the request for addtional US Troops to train and advise the Iraqi military as they mount a push to retake Mosul , the last major ISIS held city in Iraq……They will also seek to bolster existing Iraqi military units around the country…..

Image result for US advisors in Iraq

Unlike the Iraqi government under Hamid Karzi…The present Government does NOT want Americana other countries troops to leave the country anytime soon…..The President has increased  the troop level in Iraq to over 5, 250 from  4, 565….

The United States will send around 600 new troops to Iraq to assist local forces in the battle to retake Mosul from Islamic State that is expected later this year, U.S. and Iraqi officials said on Wednesday.

The new deployment is the third such boost in U.S. troop levels in Iraq since April, underscoring the difficulties President Barack Obama has had in extracting the U.S. military from the country.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a statement that his government asked for more U.S. military trainers and advisers. Obama called it a “somber decision.”

“I’ve always been very mindful that when I send any of our outstanding men and women in uniform into a war theater, they’re taking a risk that they might not come back,” Obama said during a town hall event at a military base in Fort Lee, Virginia, televised on CNN.

The new troops will train and advise Iraqi security forces and Kurdish peshmerga forces, primarily in the Mosul fight, but also serve “to protect and expand Iraqi security forces’ gains elsewhere in Iraq,” U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said.

“We’ve said all along – whenever we see opportunities to accelerate the campaign, we want to seize them,” Carter said.

Though Iraqi forces will be in the combat role, “American forces combating ISIL in Iraq are in harm’s way,” Carter said, using an acronym for Islamic State….



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Political Roundup for September 28th, 2016…RRH Elections…


Clinton: In a move that will surprise basically no one, former VA Senator John Warner (“R”) has endorsed Clinton for President. Warner has always been essentially “John McCain, but more so”, in that despite being a fervrent hawk, his views on domestic policy are arguably more aligned with the Democrats, and he has a long history of voting against the party line. This is the latest in a string of endorsements probably intended to boost Clinton’s support with #NeverTrump and/or establishment Republicans, a strategy that is ringing increasingly hollow as Trump continues to coalesce GOP support around his candidacy.

Endorsements: The Arizona Republic is endorsing its first Democrat for President ever, which I find surprising given that the article literally includes the phrase “Clinton’s opportunity to heal the nation”. I’m honestly wondering if the whole piece is just an attempt to Troll Trump supporters, because I am struggling to come up with a way for a nominal Right-leaning paper to earnestly say that “[Clinton] can reach out to those who feel left behind. She can make it clear that America sees them and will address their concerns”. Was “She’s not Trump” too much to ask?

Debates: Results from the extremely accurate and reliable focus groups are in, and Clinton is losing ground with North Carolina swing voters and overweight Michigan filmmakers.

Trump: Trump has scored the endorsement of former GHWB Chief of Staff and NHGOP icon John Sununu. This is a bit surprising, since Sununu is far from the profile of your average “Trump Republican”, but makes sense considering his son is currently running for NH-Gov and probably needed to show some family support for the GOP Presidential nominee….


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Polling Update for September 28, 2016…Clinton in Ascension….

Hillary Clinton rising in the polls as the post debate polling will be coming in…

PPP will be out with FIVE battle state polls tomorrow….

There is also a poll with Clinton LEADING in North Carolina out there…

Wednesday, September 28

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein


Clinton 44, Trump 40, Johnson 6, Stein 1     Clinton +4

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton


Clinton 49,     Trump 45     Clinton +4

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein


Clinton 42, Trump 38, Johnson 7, Stein 2      Clinton +4

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton


Clinton 44, Trump 38      Clinton +6

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

LA Times/USC Tracking

Clinton 43, Trump 47      Trump +4

Michigan: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

FOX 2 Detroit/Mitchell

Clinton 46, Trump 41, Johnson 8, Stein 1      Clinton +5

Washington: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein


Clinton 44, Trump 38, Johnson 7, Stein 5      Clinton +6

Nebraska: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein


Trump 56, Clinton 29, Johnson 7, Stein 1      Trump +27

Nebraska CD2: Trump vs. Clinton


Trump 49, Clinton 40     Trump +9

President Obama Job Approval


Approve 50, Disapprove 45      Approve +5

President Obama Job Approval

Rasmussen Reports

Approve 50, Disapprove 48       Approve +2

President Obama Job Approval


Approve 53, Disapprove 43     Approve +10

President Obama Job Approval


Approve 46, Disapprove 47     Disapprove +1

…for more info on the above ...Real Clear Politics....

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Senate overides Obama Saudi 9/11 Civil Suit Bill Veto….

The US Senate moved to override President Obama’s veto of the bill that would allow family members of the 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia civilly because almost all of the people involved where Saudi….

The vote in the Senate was 97 to 1 against the Presidents Veto…

The US  House will follow with it’s vote in few hours…

The Senate on Wednesday voted to override President Obama’s veto of a bill that would allow the families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia, striking a blow to the president on foreign policy months before he leaves office.

The 97-1 vote marks the first time the Senate has mustered enough support to overrule Obama’s veto pen….


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Russia has Assad’s Back in Syria…..

Forget all the talk of peace in Aleppo….

The Russian’s are helping Assad’s force’s clear the city in any way they can….

Sec of State Kerry is fighting a lost cause in this….

President Obama is right in NOT getting into this fight…..

There is NOTHING the US can do (besides jaw boning) short of putting American boots on the ground in mission  we cannot win in the end….

Secretary of State John Kerry is threatening to cut off all contacts with Moscow over Syria, unless Russian and Syrian government attacks on Aleppo end.

The State Department says Kerry issued the ultimatum in a Wednesday telephone call to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Kerry’s spokesman, John Kirby, says Kerry expressed grave concern over Russian and Syrian government attacks on hospitals, water supplies and other civilian infrastructure in Aleppo….


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Americans are beginning to drop Cable TV in increasing numbers….

This Dog has Verizon for his cable TV and can understand why people out there are figuring out ways to walk away from the expensive Cable TV add-on channels that make providers their gravy….

Bundles of movie and sports channel’s continue to rise in price ….

And most of us do NOT use all of the bundle, but pay them as the providers well know….

As people find ways to cherry pick what THEY want and just pay for THAT?

Cable companies are gonna lose money….

Pay-TV providers could lose nearly $1 billion in revenue as 800,000 customers cut the cord over the next 12 months, according to a new study from the firm cg42.

The study, which is based on an online survey of 1,119 U.S. customers, estimates that pay-TV providers lose about $1,248 per cord-cutter annually. That’s because the average cord-cutter saves $104 a month—about 56% of their bill–from dropping cable TV.

Some analysts say that if consumers ditch cable TV they could wind up paying even more for the combination of standalone high-speed internet and streaming services. But the study found the opposite — that going without pay TV service yields savings. That’s in part because people tend not to spend much more than $15 on streaming services even after cutting the cord.

A “cord-haver” spends about $187 a month on average prior to cutting the cord, including cable TV, phone, internet access and streaming services. Meanwhile, a typical “cord-never” — someone who never had a pay-TV connection — spends about $71 on streaming services and home internet combined, and the average cord-cutter spends $83.

“The consumer is discovering they don’t need the mean, evil cable company to get the content that they want, and they can get it for a better deal,” said Steve Beck, managing partner at cg42.

A $1 billion loss of revenue is small for the entire pay TV industry, but it is a warning sign….


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Hillary Clinton Debate win lifts the Market’s….

Image result for hillary Clinton debate

The prospect of Hillary Clinton’s steadiness calms the money people around the planet…..

Wall Street rallied on Tuesday as investors appeared to cheer Hillary Clinton’s strong performance in the first presidential debate and rest a bit easier about the prospect of Donald Trump winning the White House.

U.S. stock futures rose sharply immediately following the debate, which most pundits and surveys suggested the Democratic nominee won handily. The Mexican peso soared. The currency tends to drop as Trump’s chances rise, with investors betting on the GOP nominee making good on his promise of new trade tariffs. Stocks continued to climb during the day, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average up 133 points, though some of that was in response to a very strong consumer confidence number.

Market analysts say positive reaction to the debate is not because Wall Street adores Clinton or her policies on taxes and spending. Instead it’s that many do not know what to expect from a Trump presidency and fear the impact of new protectionist trade policies and possibly unpredictable foreign relations. Wall Street’s biggest fear is uncertainty.



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American’s seem alright with the way the economy is now….

That’s the view from Five Thirty Eight….

They say that while the Media may be echoing Donald Trump’s negativity about things?

American’s on the whole…..Are NOT….

Bill Fox sells cars, including all-American Chevrolets and Ram trucks, in an upstate New York town whose congressman lost re-election in 2014 by 20 points — the kind of place where, according to the usual media narrative, voters are angry about the loss of blue-collar jobs and worried about the economy. But like other car dealers, Fox is seeing near-record sales: Somehow, he said, consumers don’t seem as worried about the economy as the pundits say they are.

“We’re not seeing [anger] at all,” said Fox, a partner in Auburn-based Fox Dealerships. “The way I account for it is, the public sees economic indicators that are OK, their job’s not threatened, and they may be afraid of the future, but the monthly [car] payment is good.”

That kind of optimism might be surprising in a year when Donald Trump, at least according to one dominant media narrative, rode a wave of economic anxiety to the Republican presidential nomination and when voters routinely cite the economy as a top concern. In a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, for example, 48 percent of voters said the country is “losing ground” on economic issues, compared with 45 percent who said it is “making progress.”1 In a recent YouGov poll, 40 percent of respondents said the economy was getting worse, versus 21 percent who said it was getting better. A weekly Gallup survey that asked the same question found that 37 percent think the economy is getting better and 58 percent think it is getting worse. (Gallup’s survey, unlike YouGov’s, didn’t offer “about the same” as an option.) Seventy-two percent of voters say the U.S. is on the wrong track, according to a separate poll from Gallup, which hasn’t found a majority satisfied with the “way things are going in the United States” since George W. Bush’s first term.

Yet even as Americans tell political pollsters that they are worried about the economy, they tell a different story in a separate set of surveys that are used by economists and investors to forecast consumer spending behavior…..


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